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Weekly Update: Libra, McAfee, and Sunshine

Weekly Update: Libra, McAfee, and Sunshine

Weekly Update Libra, McAfee, and Sunshine - blockchain24.co

John McAfee made the headlines once again. A famous crypto enthusiast was detained by the Dominican Republic law enforcements. Also, we have updates on Facebook’s Libra, and Tron’s Justin Sun.

Today, we are launching our news series. In the Weekly Update episodes we will give you the most important news from the passed week in a nutshell. Let’s begin.

McAfee = weird stories

John McAfee is well-known for his craziness. This is the guy, who was involved in the murder of his neighbour, then he was running for the US presidential office in 2016 (now, he is running again). He was also wanted for not paying taxes. For the past several years, he has been living mostly on the boat. And that isn’t even the 10% of weird stuff McAfee has done so far. Now, he has got involved in another interesting story.

It all started with this tweet:


The whole crypto world was stunned by that information. ‘Is it over? Is it the end of McAfee’s running from authorities? Would the craziest man in the industry stop laughing at law enforcement?’, we wondered.

As it turned out, he was released just after a few days.


So, what happened next? He was detained again! According to his Twitter feed, he was arrested once again, but – judging by his photos – he wasn’t much upset about it.

However, the great crypto magician stroke us with another breaking news. He started to wonder if he would run for the US presidential office and the Prime Minister of the United kingdom simultaneously. He was born on the UK soil during World War II in a US army base. Therefore, he can run for American office because he was born on American soil and British soil at the same time.

Then, he somehow flew to the United Kingdom. Later, he revealed the reason for his and his partners detention. He was captured because the crew didn’t declare their firearms. But John believes that it was all forced by corrupt Bahamian police chief.


Also, the authorities took his dogs. When he was set to go full John Wick, the news came that his dogs are safe. So, what will happen next in the McAfee’s crazyland? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out!

California Sun?

The second hot topic of the last week was Justin Sun, the creator of TRON and the owner of BitTorrent. At the beginning of last week, Sun decided to postpone the Warren Buffett lunch, allegedly for medical reasons.

However, just after that announcement, the news broke that it was caused by the ongoing investigation. According to the article from Chinese news outlet, Sun couldn’t leave the country because he was involved in illegal activities such as gambling and porography-related transactions.

Then, another twist. Sun published a tweet, claiming that he is in the US.


Then, he broadcast a live video from San Francisco. And everything would be fine, but then someone posted a tweet from the TRON party on Thursday night.


So, was he really too sick to attend the lunch with Warren Buffet? After all, he submitted $4.6 million donation to Buffet’s charity to attend the lunch. If he was sick, how did he manage to take part in the party?

Then, there was that from Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent:


Of course, Sun denied those accusations, claiming that it has nothing to do with him personally. We don’t know if the rumors about those allegations from Chinese law enforcement agencies are true, but we do know that TRON has been losing on its price quite significantly. We believe that it isn’t over. Sun maybe shining for a little more, but it seems like dark clouds are coming.

Libra – let’s hear everyone

Another week, another Libra news. The most controversial crypto project in recent months once again made headlines.

First, there was that little feud between Facebook and Swiss authorities. Libra did not respond to the Swiss data privacy regulator’s request for more information.

Then, MIT guy claimed that the Libra project is basically a rip-off of his and his coworkers paper from last year. He is also convinced that the project isn’t well-thought and could fail, but if it doesn’t, it can become enormous.

China should also develop its own Libra, according to Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei. He thinks that his country should do that before the Libra launch next year. China is a very big market, but it has been struggling with law concerns over cryptocurrencies.

There was more news about Libra, but we will break it down in the next few days and prepare a proper analysis of the current state of Libra.

That is it for today. What do you think? What news did catch your eye in the last 7 days?

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