Weekly Update #5: Rogue Twitter, Binance On Venus And New Satoshi

Weekly Update #5: Rogue Twitter, Binance On Venus And New Satoshi

Weekly Update 5 Rogue Twitter, Binance On Venus And New Satoshi - Blockchain24.co

It was another exciting week in the cryptocurrency world. We witnessed some changes connected with Bitcoin on Twitter. Binance has announced a new stable coin – and broke the silence about KYC leak. And of course, we had a new Satoshi identity.

Venus, a Binance’s answer for Libra?

Binance has announced plans for a new blockchain project. It’s called “Venus”, and is intended to create local stablecoins on a worldwide scale. As they inform in an official statement, they will use their current experience and develop an ecosystem to provide “digital assets pegged to fiat currencies across the globe”. They are open on cooperation with governments, corporations and other cryptocurrencies as well.

The project seems similar to Facebook’s Libra, at least in the description. But both companies are significantly different, which may lead to some differences in the approach to the idea of “worldwide stable coin”.

Bitcoin Twitter has changed the course

Apparently, there were some severe changes on Bitcoin’s Twitter account. Formerly known for its sympathy for the Bitcoin Cash, it is now supporting the main “fraction” of Bitcoin. Whoever had taken over the account, he started with changing the pinned website in its description from pro-BCH bitcoin.com on the original Bitcoin whitepaper on bitcoin.org. 

Later on, the account began the purge of all old content related to Roger Ver version of Bitcoin. It also unfollowed Tron CEO Justin Sun and Winklevoss brothers.

Since Twitter is an essential space for cryptocurrency industry, such major change might have a significant impact on it in the long term. This account is one of the first places which newcomers visit. It may influence the interest in BCH.

BitPay’s will cooperate with Blockchain

Blockchain, a bitcoin wallet provider, has announced a partnership with the BitPay, the largest cryptocurrency payment processors. This cooperation will facilitate crypto transactions in BitPay ecosystem for all users of Blockchain wallets – which now, according to its website, are 41 million. 

Both companies are leaders in their sectors of the cryptocurrency industry. BitPay allows crypto payment on many online services, with such big players like Amazon, Delta, Ledger, or Microsoft included. And Blockchain users will surely benefit from it.

Donation to Amazon rainforest blocked by BitPay

And since we have the BitPay on tap, it’s worth to mention that the payment processor recently stopped the donation for Amazon Watch, an institution devoted to the case of saving the Amazon rainforest.  The reason? Apparently, the donation of $100,000 was rejected as too high. 

Thankfully, after CoinDesk had published an article according to this subject, the BitPay managed to allow Amazon Watch to accept unlimited transactions. In the end, it was only an easy to fix system malfunction. A small problem – but the case of Amazon rainforest fires is definitely not such one. 

Binance: VIP account for people affected in KYC leak

It seems that Binance has finally admitted that KYC leak has happened. In an official statement, the company informed that some of the leaked images are consistent with the data of its users. 

According to the statement, the investigation held by Binance indicates that leaked data were stolen not from the company directly, but from the third-party vendor contracted between December 2017 and February next year. Moreover, other pictures apparently have been altered and don’t match to those which are held in the database.

But for people affected by the leak and their data were revealed to the public, Binance has good news (some sort). As compensation, they will be granted with a lifetime Binance VIP membership.

Satoshi Nakamoto revealed himself – again

The breaking news from the end of last week has found a conclusion. Presumed Satoshi Nakamoto, who declare disclosure of his identity through a little known PR agency, Ivy McLemore & Associates, fulfilled his promise – at least partially. 

According to his “My Reveal part II & III”, his real name is James Caan (do not confuse with a famous actor James Caan, known from his role of Sonny Corleone in “The Godfather”). Unfortunately, he didn’t share any additional information about his new ongoing project. 

The whole story is much more complicated (and fascinating) then you may think – more about it in our article regarding this peculiar Satoshi.

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