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Weekly Update #24: Crypto City And Blockchain Guide

Weekly Update #24: Crypto City And Blockchain Guide

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Another week, another dose of news from the crypto world! Check what interesting happened in the blockchain industry.

In the previous Weekly Update, we talked about blockchain charity for Australia forest and an idea of bitcoin mining run with the aid of the nuclear plant. What revelations this week has brought to us? 

Craig Wright won’t pay million dollars 

Craig Wright is one of the better-known characters from the cryptocurrency community – but not necessarily a popular one. Self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto and the leading developer of Bitcoin SV is known from controversial opinions and attitude. Recently, he was sentenced to pay half of one million bitcoins mined along with Dave Kleiman to the family of Wright’s deceased former partner. 

But according to a new judge in charge of the case, the previous sentence is not proper because the Wright equal partnership with Kleiman isn’t directly related to the Bitcoin holdings which Wright has. However, the judge still claims that crypto entrepreneur should pay Kleiman’s family a proper attorney fee. And the case is still on, cause if direct evidence for Kleiman’s rights will be found, then Wright will surely need to face the court once more.

Akon declares the first crypto city

This news is undoubtedly the most unexpected one in the last seven days. Akon, a Senegalese-American rapper, has surprised the public opinion with the announcement of Akon City, set to be built in Senegal by 2025.


The city is going to be highly dependent on cryptocurrencies, especially on the “akoin” currency. The whole project’s primary goal is to boost African development in new technologies and provide young entrepreneurs with “both a currency and a platform to help them make a positive economic and social impact.” The news about “crypto city,” reached widely outside the crypto world and got the interest of media as a real-life counterpart of Wakanda from Marvel comics.

Blockchain trends on LinkedIn

A famous social employment-oriented networking platform released a report for the most popular soft and hard skills according to current trends among users. As for the soft skills (abilities concerning your behavior, wider knowledge, and social competitions), there were no surprises, with “creativity” still being the most popular word for describing ourselves on the platform (how creative indeed). 

However, things are getting more interesting for hard skills, which translates for abilities specialized in a specific direction. This year, the most popular and useful one, according to LinkedIn, is blockchain, and the report notices the growing demand for people who specialize in this still new technology.

The UN warns about blockchain event in North Korea

Blockchain in North Korea is a highly debatable matter. The country is widely considered as a totalitarian regime with centralized power, yet it became highly interested in the decentralized technology identified with freedom. One of the results of this fascination is the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference in Pyongyang. 

The event meant to be a boost for the development in North Korea, but it gained popularity because of Virgil Griffith detention, who got accused of guiding how to avoid sanctions during the conference. As a result, the United Nations warns potential attendees that the support of North Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency development violate the Security Council’s resolution.

Terrorists are getting better in crypto transactions

But the North Korean conference isn’t the only news concerning the abuses and crimes related to the blockchain industry. According to the new report made by Chainalysis, terrorist organizations are getting more and more experienced in using cryptocurrencies for funding their actions. 

According to the researches, Hamas, a Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization, managed to provide each donor with a unique Bitcoin address and teach how to remain anonymous through video-guide. It is a huge step since the previous attempts of this terrorist organization – and disturbing sign that cryptocurrencies might also be used in a dangerous way.

Arising popularity of crypto manual in China

It seems that the blockchain revolution in China is gaining momentum, not only for the developers of the incoming digital yuan. With the government of the People’s Republic of China proclaiming the new direction for the country’s development, the interest in the new technology has to increase significantly. To properly educate about blockchain, the authorities issued a guide named “Digital Currency: A Reader for Cadres.”

The book appeared to be a huge success, and the growing demand for blockchain guidance resulted in the second printing. The main targets of the guide are the members of the Communist Party of China. Government officials, especially those from the lower ranks of political hierarchy, are willing to learn more about the trend which is reshaping their country for the next years.

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