Voting Via Blockchain In Thailand

Voting Via Blockchain In Thailand

Voting Via Blockchain In Thailand-

Another country may be eager to use blockchain technology in an online voting system. Thailand’s the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) has revealed a new technology for e-voting.

Almost a two months ago, Thailand Revenue Department introduced its plan to track tax payments using blockchain. Now, another national body wants to take advantage of the technology.

The voting hybrid

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center is a government organization operating under the custody of the National Science and Technology Development Agency and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The story broke yesterday on the Bangkok Post, one of biggest news outlets in the Asian country. According to the report, NECTEC wants to develop a hybrid model that combines e-voting in small groups and a traditional voting on a larger scale. However, Thailand still needs time to create digital literacy to transform the old into a new e-voting-only system .

Chalee Vorakulpipat, head of the cybersecurity laboratory at the Center, said:

“Nectec developed blockchain technology for e-voting that can be applied to national, provincial or community elections, as well as business votes such as the board of directors. The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.”

Blockchain can be the solution

Mr. Chalee is convinced that blockchain can give the transparency and audibility – the qualities that are needed. He said that’s why blockchain has been used to store valuable data and important documents.

Of course, the blockchain implementation in elections requires some adjustments. It would involve an election controller. The controller would identify voter qualifications before the election. The voters can register in the system, through which the controller can review their eligibility.

Blockchain would also help in faster calculation of the results after a voting. The technology doesn’t require to collect the data from the election points and deliver it to the central location. It saves huge costs and prevents frauds.

Chalee Vorakulpipat said that “blockchain implementation will require time for the general election because every voter needs to have an affordable mobile internet connection and identity verification.”

In near future, the blockchain technology can be used in smaller environments. Before elections, the system will be tested in universities, provinces and communities.

According to the report, Nectec has already developed blockchain for voting and needs cooperation from universities to access test environments. It will also implement blockchain at the National Science and Technology Development.

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