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UK Will Go From Brexit To Ontology -

According to many reports, the United Kingdom has ambitious plans. The European country plans not only to divorce with the European Union but also is going to replace pound with cryptocurrency called Ontology (ONT).

It is shocking news. After all, pound sterling (GBP) is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. Officially, it is used in the UK, but unofficially it is used in many more countries.

The Queen said: ‘let’s make that happen, folks’

There are many problems in the UK. The royal family has had some turmoils recently. Allegedly, Meghan doesn’t get along with Kate, and William may have been cheating. At least, that is what the gossips suggest. Also, Brexit is a mess.

The Queen has enough of it. Elisabeth II stated that it is time for a change. She said:

“Enough is enough, people. What happened to you? Once upon a time, we were the biggest imperium in the world. Everyone respected us. They feared us. Now, we are just a laughing stock. Stop it! It is time to shake things up. That is why I hereby declare: we are changing our national currency. This is going to happen. Pound Sterling is very old, and it may be one of the reasons, why we have so many problems. Besides, we have to be up-to-date with nuances. So, let’s take the cryptocurrency next.”

Shocking, right? You may think that the Queen doesn’t that much power. But, according to reports, Theresa May once again had nothing to say and did what Queen asked.

Ontology for the rescue

The story gets even weirder. Queen’s advisors somehow found that the best digital coin would be Ontology (ONT). The Queen was amazed by that idea. She even added: “can we make it our new religion too?

At least, that makes some sense. After all, Ontology is the philosophical study of being, founded in ancient Greece.

We still don’t know much more details, but we will update that story, as soon, as we will learn something new.

Disclaimer: the whole story was made up for April Fools’ Day. Any resemblance to real quotes and events is purely accidental.

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