TRON: The Opportunist

TRON: The Opportunist

Tron The Opportunist -

TRON is much more than just a cryptocurrency. TRON Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of the TRON distributed network. But what is it behind one of only few growing cryptocurrencies despite the crisis?

TRON, or tronix, (TRX) has an interesting story. The cryptocurrency has been growing since November 2018. What’s so unique in that? Nothing, except that the whole cryptocurrency market has been falling.

The beginning

To understand TRON, we have to go back a little. The whole story started in 2014. That year, Raybo, China’s first Internet technology company in the blockchain industry, started to operate. What does that have in common with TRON? This:

Three years later, the TRON foundation was established in Singapore. That happened in July. Later in December, TRON  launched its open source protocol.

25th July 2018 was the day. It was precisely then when The Genesis block has been created with the consensus of the TRON community. So, the cryptocurrency is still relatively young.

The rise

Justin Sun, a 29-year-old controversial entrepreneur from China, stands behind the creation of the crypto. He is well known for founding Peiwo, a Chinese Snapchat. He is listed on Forbes list: ‘30 under 30 – Asia’. That list contains 30 most brashest entrepreneurs across Asia. He decided to go into cryptocurrencies and created one of the most promising digital coins in the world.

Justin Sun was previously the official representative of Ripple in China.

Tron wallets are community-developed and available for every OS, including desktop, web, and mobile. TRX is also supported by third-party cryptocurrency wallets like Trust Wallet, Ledger Wallet, and Freewallet.

After the launching, TRON has very quickly started to get attention of the crypto world. Bloomberg called it the “Hottest Cryptocurrency”, Forbes described Sun as the new big name in the industry. Obviously, TRX was meant to grow.

TRON was named the coin of December 2018. Mostly because of the constant growth of its price.

The ingenuity

TRON has a pretty big community. Mostly because the crypto is available every day, everywhere. Competitions? There, you have it. Conferences? Of course. Surprises? Yep.

TRON hasn’t avoided any dramas (some may even say the company thrives on it). However, the firm builds a content distribution, promising to remove the middlemen and connect the creators with consumers.

TRX isn’t mined – instead, it’s earned by creating and promoting stellar content. Tron partnered with BitTorrent to solidify its P2P content distribution model.

Tron’s code and whitepaper are said to have been piecemealed together. Great artists steal, and this appears to be infused in the culture of the Tron Foundation.

Several key partnerships from investors to developers (for instance Jihan Wu, the Co-founder of BITMAIN) has partnered with Tron in its creation of a new media landscape for the future. So, the Tron Foundation isn’t alone in its operation. Justin is also the protege of Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba.

It seems like TRON has a bright future ahead of it. We shall see what happens with one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies in the industry. Right now, TRX is on the path to become number one.

Price and availability

One of the biggest TRON’s achievements is being available. According to, the cryptocurrency is listed on 173 trading platforms (it is more than likely that the number is even larger).

The TRON cryptocurrency had its biggest success at the end of 2018. When almost every cryptocurrency fell to the lowest price in months, TRX was going up.


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