Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In UK In 2019

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In UK In 2019

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In UK In 2019

A new ranking on our platform! This time, we are checking United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency exchanges. What does it hold up under closer scrutiny? Which trading platform offers the most? Check our list to learn the truth.

We’ve meant to make only rankings of exchanges with Polish roots. We’ve already have done that twice. However, it came to our attention that you would like to know, what we think about other European markets. So, this time, we’re researching the UK crypto industry.

So, let’s start with the best cryptocurrency exchange in the United Kingdom. And the winner is…

That’s right folks, CoinEgg is the best in the UK. The crypto exchange combines safety, availability, good user experience, and many coins enlisted (110 as of March 11th). CoinEgg is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2013. Since its foundation, the platform has spread its operations to cover most of the international markets. What differs it from many other exchanges, is that CoinEgg has focused its trading services on cryptocurrencies only, not listing any fiat.

According to Alexa’s ranking, CoinEgg is on the 93,812th place in the world. Nevertheless, the website has made a great leap since last month. The exchange moved up over 220 thousand spots.

CoinEgg has everything that is needed from a cryptocurrency exchange. It offers the most coins in the UK, it has one of the biggest trading volumes, it is ranked at the second place among UK exchanges on CoinGecko, and according to reports, it is one of the most secured trading platforms from Great Britain.

LATOKEN was very close, but it took the second place. Although the platform was created in 2017, it is already one of the best crypto exchanges in the UK. LATOKEN transforms access to capital and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto. The company behind the platform’s mission is to make capital markets and trading available 24/7.

In terms of recognition and popularity, LATOKEN is still trending. The website is ranked on the 31,016th place in Alexa ranking. The platform is still getting more and more attention.

LATOKEN was really close to become number one. It has a similar number of coins enlisted (107). The exchange has even almost the same daily trading volume. Coinegg is just slightly ahead of LATOKEN.

Bitstamp took the third place. Back in the days, it would have been obviously the number one. The company’s goal has always been to provide reliable, easy to use service for companies and individuals to exchange bitcoins. So, why isn’t it higher on our list? A few things. First of all, the exchange offers trading with only 5 cryptocurrencies. The platform has focused mostly on Bitcoin and doesn’t do much to enlist new coins.

Second of all, the chart shows that Bitstamp is losing on popularity. Still, the platform is ranked on the 16,823rd place in Alexa ranking, which is the best among those in our list. However, it loses its position day by day.

Bitstamp has still a lot of users. Nevertheless, if the exchange doesn’t do something, it will fall out of the ranking. Coinegg and LATOKEN do a lot to develop themselves. It seems that Bitstamp stagnates.

LocalTrade is the cryptocurrency exchange directed for individuals, operating 24/7. The platform was created with simplicity in mind. The platform offers low fees and very fast transactions. LocalTrade has been on the market for almost two years now and it is still developing very fast.

As you can see, LocalTrade’s chart clearly shows that the platform has got a lot of attention recently. Despite all of that, the exchange is on the 204,903rd place in Alexa ranking, which is pretty low (at least compared to others).

So, LocalTrade is a promising, relatively young cryptocurrency exchange. It offers 27 coins, it is safe and secure, and it has low fees. The platform took only 4th place in our ranking because of the fact that it is still too little. However, if LocalTrade continues its good work, it can become the best crypto exchange in the UK.

EXMO is a universal cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2013, EXMO is one of the leading in Eastern Europe. The platform offers 6 fiat currencies and 40 cryptocurrencies to trade within the exchange. The platform has low fees and provides users with quick and simple transactions.

Almost a year ago it got a lot of attention from the trades but since then the popularity of EXMO has been falling down. Right now, the platform is ranked on the 33,790th place in the world according to Alexa ranking.

EXMO finished at 5th place mostly because of lower daily trading volume, the loss of popularity among cryptocurrency users. Still, it is a very good platform to trade digital assets.

There is one more crypto exchange in our top five. How is it possible? We just couldn’t decide which one is better: EXMO or Cryptonex. We fought fiercely at our headquarters. A few people made a point that EXMO has a lot more potential; it has listed more cryptocurrencies, etc.
On the other hand, there were people, who claimed that daily trading volume is much more important. So, we decided to put them together in our ranking at 5th spot. Cryptonex isn’t just another cryptocurrency exchange. It is more like a sale service between crypto holders. The platform mostly guarantees transactions authenticity.

Cryptonex is ranked dead-last on Alexa ranking among our list. The platform is still falling down, and today is on the 792,210th place in the world.

Cryptonex has the best daily trading volume, according to However, it offers only 3 cryptocurrencies and is one of the least popular sites among exchanges from the United Kingdom. So, it could take only 5th place on our list.

Almost made it

As usual, we can’t forget those, who didn’t make it to our list but were very close. Although our ranking consists of top 5 United Kingdom cryptocurrency exchanges, there are many more trading platforms in the country of Shakespeare. We want to mention a few of them, which almost made it:

COINEGG $187,789,194 93,812 2 110
LATOKEN $302,993,133 32,016 NOT LISTED 107
BITSTAMP $36,978,780 16,823 3 5
LOCAL TRADE $178,018,063 204,903 1 27
EXMO $17,933,423 33,790 4 40
CRYPTONEX $349,289,485 792,210 NOT LISTED 3

All data from 11th March 2019, 04.00 PM (UTC+01:00:00)

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