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Top 10 – the most interesting events in the crypto world in 2018

Top 10 – the most interesting events in the crypto world in 2018

Top 10 the most interesting events in the crypto world in 2018 -

The 2018 year has finished. Our heads are already in 2019, but our hearts may still be in the previous year. Let’s quickly remind ourselves of the most important and exciting events from the crypto world!

10. Turkish lira vs. Bitcoin

The comparison between the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, and the Turkish national currency – Lira. Bitcoin was usually called unstable which was one the reasons some of people didn’t want to consider it as a currency. But with, at the time of writing the article, a sudden drop in Lira’s value (20% in one day), the community started noticing that the stability isn’t the problem of cryptocurrencies only.

9. Polish Bank introduces blockchain-based communication system

One of the biggest banks in Poland decided to implement a blockchain-based communication system. PKO BP fulfilled its previously given word. The Polish bank has always wanted to be a trailblazer in the industry. Using blockchain technology was one step closer to become the number one. The bank uses the blockchain to communicate with its clients.


A journalist startup tried to collect the funds via token sale to operate. The sale became a failure. Despite all of that, the project called Civil will be launched in February 2019. The company responsible for the platform will also try once again to raise the money. The startup plans to attract to its project over 1,000 newsrooms across the world in less than a year.


Derek Cape, the CEO of TokenPay, and Charlie Lee, founder of the Litecoin, were thinking about a new banking system in Germany. They wanted to issue crypto debit cards and work with German regulations. Later in 2018, Litecoin Foundation purchased a 9.9% stake in Germany’s WEG Bank. It was conducted as part of the partnership with TokenPay. Lee demands now a board position at the bank.


Sometimes, miners have to leave the country, where they are not welcome. That was the case with the miners from China. Beijing, the capital city of the Middle Country, announced the plan of kicking Bitcoin out of the country. Miners started to evacuate from China, which earlier was the mining empire. At that time, Russia was the primary destination for miners due to low energy prices and lack of legal regulations.


This story is a warning for everybody who likes to make bets. John McAfee, one of the most controversial people in the cryptocurrency industry, made a prediction, that Bitcoin price would reach $500,000 within three years. It happened at the end of 2017. Later, he even raised the bar and declared that BTC will be worth $1,000,000 by the end of 2020. What’s in stake? His penis. He bet on his penis. Now, when the price is low, he tries to find a loophole.


That’s probably our favorite article. Cryptocurrency is a serious business with billions of dollars involved. However, everybody needs some good laugh sometimes. If you want to roll on the floor laughing, you should read that. The collection of best jokes about cryptocurrency. Our creative crew found out the best lame jokes and memes from the entire internet. We even had giggles, while working on this.


Canada is a progressive country. The National Bank is a perfect example of that. The Canadian biggest bank partnered with two other firms – CGI and Skuchain and started to use blockchain technology. Thanks to the technology, the bank wants to raise transactions security and transparency.


Confusion – that’s the word, which describes best what happened in the crypto industry at the beginning of the year. According to many reports, South Korea planned to ban cryptocurrency exchange markets. It caused disarray in the crypto industry. Price of the Ripple, the most popular cryptocurrency in the Asian country at the time, dropped down significantly.


Auction of Bitcoin? US Marshals Service did that many times. The Service collects cryptocurrency funds from illegal activities such as frauds and federal crimes. The total number of 2,170 BTC was auctioned at the end of the March. Buyers had to deposit $200,000 before bidding. The auction aimed at maintaining the anonymity of bidders and buyers.

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