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The United Allied States (UAS): A New Start to Sovereign Economic States

The United Allied States (UAS): A New Start to Sovereign Economic States

The concept of sovereign economic states and free-market economy is necessary to take nations across the globe to the next economic levels. Economic growth in countries, especially in the developing world, has been hindered by several factors, including poor economic policies, political instabilities, lack of employment opportunities, and underdeveloped infrastructure, among other factors. Sovereign economic states are the next frontier in massive economic development in countries, especially in countries experiencing economic hardships and political instabilities.

The United Allied States (UAS) looks to implement the concept of sovereign economic states by leveraging blockchain technology. UAS will establish sovereign economic states in partnering nations. The special economic zones will spur economic development by offering the necessary resources, provide employment opportunities, develop infrastructure, and provide energy and necessary technology by Apollo Fintech. What is special about these sovereign economic states is that they will be income tax-free, otherwise known as free-market economy i.e., 0% property tax, 0% corporate tax, 0% personal income tax. Find out more about this new frontier in economic development by reading below.

The United Allied States 

The United Allied States is an independent, sovereign authority that looks to create economic freedom across the globe by enabling a free-market economy, protecting and preserving individual rights, and minimizing excessive taxation and government regulation. “The United Allied States creates freedom and prosperity for its citizens by limiting government, reducing politics and guaranteeing individual rights.”

UAS vision is to fight globalism by creating a global, sovereign nation of states that will offer its citizens an unprecedented level of economic freedom to facilitate economic growth. UAS prioritizes citizens by championing for values of a free economy, individual rights, and protecting human life to impact lives positively.  

The United Allied States is an entire-government in itself consisting of 11 departments as below.

  •       Department of Defense- Responsible for protecting UAS states and citizens. It coordinates and supervises all tasks relating to national security, including regional stability, physical security, intelligence, technology research, etc.
  •       Department of Education- Offers citizens access to education and world-class job training to create a skilled and globally competitive workforce.
  •       Department of Finance- Carries out financial tasks, including preparing fiscal budgets, developing fiscal policy, collecting fees, and generally managing financial resources to achieve a strong economy.
  •       Department of Energy- Develops and implements policies in the energy sector involving energy production, infrastructure, research, and distribution. Also ensures that homes and businesses are supplied with adequate energy.
  •       Department of Justice- The department of justice is responsible for developing and enforcing laws in the sovereign states. It also ensures justice by creating a fair and just legal system that defends UAS interests.
  •       Department of Commerce- The department of commerce prides itself for developing policies for economic growth and prosperity. It promotes employment creation by creating a free economy that will ensure fair trade and ensure that business enterprises access the necessary resources for business success.
  •       Department of Agriculture- Tasked with developing and implementing policies that enhance food security, protects natural resources, and enhances agricultural development in rural areas.
  •       Department of Transportation- Responsible for ensuring that UAS sovereign economic states have an effective, safe, and modern transport network for economic growth.
  •       Department of State- The Department of State functions to put UAS in the global map by formulating and implementing foreign policies that champion the interest of UAS. It also champions international partnerships and trade agreements.
  •       Department of Labor- Safeguards workers interest by ensuring businesses meet the set wage standards, ensure occupational safety, and guaranteeing unemployment insurance.
  •       Department of Housing- Ensures that affordable housing is easily available across UAS states and territories. It ensures that housing programs serve the needs of investors and citizens.           


Sovereign Economic States with Free-Market Economy

UAS’s primary goal is to fight globalism by building freedom intensive sovereign economic zones across the globe. This is to realize the American dream in Africa and across the World. The sovereign economic zones will function as permanent states offering infrastructure, employment opportunities, energy, and other vital resources necessary to spur economic development.

 Nations will sign a treaty with the UAS for the creation of  sovereign economic states within the country. The treaty will also allow the UAS to bring onboard foreign investors, companies, and other interested parties to provide the required resources for economic growth.

The sovereign economic states will spur economic growth by increasing investments in the local economy, offering employment opportunities, enhancing infrastructure, and opening up the country for foreign investments that would otherwise be unworthy.

UAS will partner with governments to provide a favorable environment for economic growth. In partnership with UAS, governments will implement supporting policies such as reduced business regulation, low taxation, and policies to secure businesses. Business enterprises and citizens will benefit immensely from such policies, which will see the improvement of living standards and the growth of small businesses.

What’s more important about these sovereign economic states is that they will be a free-market economy. UAS leverages laissez-faire economics or free-market capitalism, limiting government involvement in the economy. This means that businesses and citizens will not be charged property tax, corporate tax, and personal income tax.  

Blockchain Technology for Fast Economic Growth

UAS will utilize the blockchain technology to run the sovereign economic states. Each economy and all UAS departments will be interconnected using blockchain technology. Each citizen under the sovereign economic states will easily access government services under the UAS National Government Platform. Incorporation of companies, filing taxes, registering new vehicles will be easy, fast, and transparent.

UAS Congressman Cory Cozad views the integration of blockchain technology in UAS governance as a catalyst for economic growth by offering citizens maximum freedom and guaranteeing a highly-transparent free-market economic system. UAS partnered with Apollo Fintech , a leading blockchain company, to develop and maintain blockchain solutions for UAS. Apollo’s cutting edge innovations will ensure that the sovereign economic states are secure and run transparently.

Closing Words

The United Allied States (UAS) is looking to transform the world’s economy by creating sovereign economic states that stimulate economic growth by implementing a free-market enterprise and promoting freedom value. Better yet, the integration of blockchain technology to UAS governance courtesy of Apollo Fintech will take economic growth to higher levels thanks to its benefits.  

All the departments within the UAS system work hand in hand to provide all members unfettered services. It aims to bring light into the restrictions put in place by current government entities limiting growth. Overall, it is the new vision of a world emulating freedom, censorship-free environments, and accessibility to services.

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