• May 28, 2022

The best undervalued coins in 2022

The best undervalued coins in 2022

The crypto industry has diversified a lot in recent years. The game to win and NFTs are perhaps two areas that are generating the enthusiasm that the industry needs so much. For this reason, most investors want to unlock value in these two areas. Here’s why the P2E is popular :

  • Play-to-Earn is a relatively new field with exemplary potential

  • Several P2E projects have already generated huge returns for investors

  • The game-to-win sector is largely linked to the growing craze for NFTs.

Being a new industry, undervalued projects in P2E are quite diverse. We decided to create a top 3 list below to give you some investment ideas :

Kara Star (KARA)

Kara Star (KARA) is a play-to-earn game that also includes metaver components. There are two key aspects of the game. The first is the Kara. These are NFT-based pets in the game.

Data source: Tradingview

There are also virtual lands. This is where the Kara lives. The goal for players is to develop their Kara and fight with other users for rewards. KARA is already listed on Kucoin and Binance.

Impact of crypto-golf

As the name suggests, Crypto Golf Impact is the first mobile-based Play-to-Earn golf game. It is relatively new, having been launched at the beginning of this month. The game allows users to earn major rewards by participating in major tournaments. It also offers a very real game universe. The game has the potential to become a big hit this year.

Aquatic farm

Aqua Farm is an upcoming P2E role-playing game built on the Polygon network. The game is expected to launch later this month. The adventure-filled game is designed to provide a truly immersive experience and is fully integrated with an NFT marketplace. If you’re looking for real upside potential, this would be a great game to keep on your watch list.