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The Best Exchange To Trade Crypto? CoinDeal

The Best Exchange To Trade Crypto? CoinDeal

The Best Exchange To Trade Crypto CoinDeal -

Cryptocurrencies are growing very fast in the awareness of the general public. However, there are at least a few question marks in the industry, that give us sleepless nights. Perhaps the most important one is: where to trade your cryptos.

CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange based on Malta, has the answer to that question. And probably to many others.

A trading platform for you, me, everybody

CoinDeal was created in 2018. In a little more than a year, it became one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Europe. The platform was placed on the 8th spot in our European Exchange Ranking.

What makes CoinDeal so special? What stands behind the success of the Maltese exchange? As it turns out, the formula is really straightforward and clear-cut. The company behind the platform was founded by three Poles. From the very beginning, the aspirations were high. The goal was to attract as many crypto enthusiasts as possible. How to do that?

Make transparent rules. Build a strong team of people who work their tails off to provide the best product. Create a support department, which actually works and responses to users’ questions in a very short time. Enlist only those cryptocurrencies, which have been verified not only by the industry but also by the exchange itself. Entering new countries and markets. Building a community around the platform. Finally, allow people to have a voice in almost everything that happens. That is the recipe for success. CoinDeal has been doing all of that from the very beginning.

Examples of great management

Those sentences aren’t just sentences. It was proven through time, that the trading platform provides the best possible product. Do you want some examples? Sure, here you have it. Firstly: the people’s voice. You can vote for the next cryptocurrency in CoinDeal’s voting system.

Secondly: newsfeed and social media are updated day by day to make things as transparent as they can be. CD team never hesitated to share their successes, achievements, but also problems and difficulties. The exchange stays truthful with its users.

Thirdly: CoinDeal Premium. A feature which allows you to speed up your verification system. It also offers smaller fees, private chat, two votes per day for your favorite coin, and several more advantages.

Fourthly: many cryptocurrencies to choose from. You can buy, sell, and trade with almost 50 confirmed and validated digital coins. The others are in the line to be added.

Of course, there are many things worth mentioning, which makes CoinDeal such a great exchange.

Much more than just an exchange

What also makes CoinDeal so good is its involvement in things going beyond the cryptocurrency industry. The platform became the very first crypto exchange to sponsor a Premier League club. The same platform organized a basketball tournament. Also, the same platform largely contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure for young Polish basketball players. Yes, the same platform also got involved in MMA sponsorship.

All of the factors mentioned above influence the view of CoinDeal. Over 300,000 users have already put their trust in the hands of the exchange. Now you should consider joining that platform. It is the best choice for you and your assets.




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