TerraGreen ICO Review

TerraGreen ICO Review

Token – TGN
Token Value – 1TGN = 0.1 USD
Platform – Own
Accepted Currency – BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, ETC, and TGN.
Whitelist/KYC – KYC
Soft Cap – USD 5,000,000
Hard Cap – USD 11,000,000
Country – Malaysia
MVP – Available
Restricted Areas– U.S. and China


With the rising need for renewable energy resources, TerraGreen strives to create a global decentralized platform for Biomass waste micro-management. The biomass waste from agricultural and forestry sectors will be transformed into renewable energy products, requiring a direct participation of people.

TerraGreen is a blockchain based renewable energy platform to develop and trade energy efficient cryptocurrency focusing on sustainable economic system.

It is an initiative to resolve the global concerns of global warming, rotting biomass, pollution and climate change. Consumers will have access to a transparent system, where they can directly participate in the management of biomass waste and production of renewable energy with the use of TerraGreen coin. The platforms wants to establish a direct connection between energy users and energy producers without the involvement of large corporations and governments.

Key Features

  • TerraGreen intends to shift the focus from current methods of energy production using oil, coal and natural gas to renewable energy production from waste materials.
  • TerraGreen will distribute TGN coin on global and own trading platforms that can be exchanges for other digital assets and/or fiat currencies.
  • The TGN coin will enable producers to trade directly with users or investors.
  • TerraGreen will also develop a wallet app using TerraGreen blockchain to hold and secure cryptocurrencies and TGN.
  • The wallet can also be used to pay bills using a combination of cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  • It aims to revolutionize the renewable energy industry with its core embedded with innovative blockchain technology, smart contracts, IOT, AI, and Big Data.
  • The platform is based on SHA-384 algorithm making it strongly secured and unique.
  • Incentives and profits will be provided to users of TerraGreen coins.
  • The TerraGreen Blockchain technology is a combination of Public, Private and Centralized Blockchain Shared System, offering the best of each technology.


Brad Lee (Founder & CEO) – He has extensive and specialized knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy and a background in research and development. One of the founding partners of Roub Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd and AVI Renewable Sdn Bhd, Brad is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies for business growth.

Hannes Klobe (Co-founder & CTO) – Hannes specializes in process optimization and economical solution of each renewable energy project and has an expertise in state of the art atomization of the complex process system.

P. Nahak (COO & Blockchain Development Specialist) – He has extensive knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency as a developer for private & public blockchain, fork, exchange, trading, and masternodes. He also has wide experience in centralized and decentralized exchange & trading, ICO, presale, crowdfunding, fundraising, and IPO.

B.Viresh (CIO) – He is responsible for defining the strategy to design technology roadmap, improve IT infrastructure efficiencies and increased product portfolio.

Sabina Abdul Aziz (Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer)
With a background in the techno-economic evaluation of bioenergy systems, Sabina has experience in smart contract, dealing with utilities and government agencies for the power purchase agreement.

Tengku Dato’Nosruddin Ibrahim (Renewable Energy Trade & Economy Developer)
Has extensive experience in renewable energy trading, providing commercial advice to state governments, investment funds, energy players and traders.

Tengku Sri Paduka Raja (Co-Partner) – Tengku Paduka has been developing various business portfolios for almost three decades with his vision for government and corporate sector corporations utilizing biomass materials to generate renewable energy.

Tejoswi P. ( UI/UX Designer)
No information provided.

Hiren Gamit (Digital Marketing Expert)
No information provided.

Terry T. Robinette (Apps Developer)
No information provided.


Krystelle Galano – Krystelle has an experience of more than 5 years in social media management, crypto and blockchain, and is a marketing advisor of various ICOs.

Benedict Okole – He is a speaker and preacher of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. COO of School of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Application, Cryptopayplus LTD.

Meshach Ishaya – He has full-stack experience in blockchain engineering at titaproject.io and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Maria Victoria – Has experience as a business development manager for ICO reviewers and advisor for various ICOs, she is an expert in Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Crypto.

Kerwin Caberza – An entrepreneur and senior board level manager, he has a wide experience and specialization in all aspects of the development of start-ups.

Joylin F. Telagen – Licensed CPA and Certified Securities Representative, she has 10 years experience in auditing, accounting, equity research, and blockchain. She is an ambassador of various ICO projects, bounty and community manager and blogger.


The whitepaper is referred to as greenpaper to highlight the ICO focus on Green. It is very detailed, covering the project plan, technology used, and all other major aspects. The profile of the team members and advisors are lined to their LinkedIn accounts and the team seems to have extensive knowledge of the industry. The website is impressive, showing necessary information about the ICO.


Ø 2015 R&D on Energy from Biomass gasification project
Ø 2016 Starting of Biomass gasification project
Ø 2017 Research on cryptocurrency & blockchain technology, planning for TGN and TGN proof of concept
Ø 2018 Planning of TGN blockchain technology and development of TGN platform
Ø 2019 Q1 Project Implementation, ICO closing.
Ø 2019 Q2 Launching of Web Wallet, land acquisition for plantation, request for approval in world’s popular exchangers.
Ø 2019 Q3 TGN listing on exchange platforms, cultivation operating.
Ø 2020 Dividend declaration, CSR.
Ø 2020 – 2028 Further R&D, planning and implementation of projects.

Token allocation

The token distribution of 270,000,000 coins will be as follows:
Crowd – 40%
Blockchain Development – 20%
Reserve – 20%
O&M Expenses – 5%
Team – 5%
CSR – 4%
Advisor – 2%
Bounty Program – 2%
Airdrop Program – 2%

Fund allocation

Project development – 60%
Working capital – 10%
Project financing – 10%
Blockchain research & development – 19%
Legal & team support – 1%

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