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Stratus Ecosystem; The Most Innovative Social Media Platform

Most Innovative Social Media Platform

According to reports, around 73% of marketing agents believe social media marketing plays a significant role in trade. The statistics prove how vital social media advertising is for any business. The right application of social media platforms in trading will help convert visitors to buyers. 

However, the current platforms are still unable to cater to the rising need for social media trade options. Fortunately, Apollo fintech CEO Stephen Mccullah brings the answer to the people.

Apollo is working to introduce a robust platform, Stratus, to offer both advertisement and payment options. Stratus is an all-in-one blockchain social media ecosystem combining all social networks’ services in one platform.

Once unveiled, the platform will smoothen the trading process.


The first stage of every trading is advertising. Social networks are some of the best tools for advertising due to their broad reach. Instagram, for example, has more than 1 billion monthly users, meaning that if the post goes viral, millions will see it. 

Stratus will introduce marketing features akin to Facebook and Instagram. Among the features include the group and page features, which have a broad reach. Moreover, Stratus implants stories and hashtag features to make advertisement posts go viral. More people access the advertisements, therefore, more conversion rate. 

Moreover, in advertising products, influencers will implant products-store links. The link will pop up as a button when the video continues.


The marketplace feature on the Facebook platform attracts many businesses globally. Marketplace platforms allow users to find items they need and purchase. 

Stratus will introduce a marketplace feature similar to Envato and Facebook. The functionality eases trades by giving buyers quality products at reasonable prices.

Moreover, for every trade to continue, communication is essential. Besides giving private messaging options, Stratus features audio and video communication functionalities similar to WhatsApp, to ease trading agreements. 


Crypto Payment Platform

Apollo is introducing a Knox payment platform to allow users to send BTC via SMS. The BTC transactions will be completed fast in just 2 seconds. Adding the Knox WorldPay feature will ease payments for all crypto enthusiasts. Merchants will get a POS tool to accept payments in all forms.

Apollo Currency

Apollo’s currency will also feature as a medium of exchange. Apollo blockchain hubs the Apollo currency. The currency, therefore, enjoys all features of this blockchain, including speed and immutability.

All Currency Payment Platform

Stratus will also launch a payment platform similar to PayPal. Paypal has a global reach of 346 million active users. In 2018 Paypal’s annual payment volume hit $227 billion. 

Stratus, at inception, will feature payment options to phase out Paypal. It will be a one-click payment wallet to ease payments in all currencies. That will bring convenience in social media trades by adding a payment platform for trade completions.

Other Trades 

Crypto Exchange

Stratus offers a universal wallet to allow users to exchange cryptocurrency 24/7. The platform plays a crucial role in driving crypto adoption.

Stock Exchange

Stratus fosters stock trades and other foreign currencies trades. That’ll be possible because of the investment platform similar to Robinhood that will feature in the ecosystem. Stock trades will be faster and more efficient.

Apollo Blockchain for Safe Transaction

Apollo blockchain is the most prolific blockchain in the crypto space. It receives praise for ensuring faster completion of transactions and has unique features in the crypto world. Among blockchain’s features are adaptive forging, updater, and database-level sharding. 

Adaptive forging ensures the blockchain remains scalable and efficient. The functionality guarantees the creation of blocks only when a transaction is happening, thus the proper use of blockchain resources.

Database level sharding also ensures the blockchain remains scalable by distributing data to small independent shards. If hackers attack the system, they won’t be able to attack it wholly. The updater keeps the system updated and fixes all security threats. 

The three technologies, when merged into Stratus, will assure the timely completion of trades. Moreover, traders are safe due to the immutability and encryptions of the transactions.

Social Media Censorship and Freedom of Speech  

Stratus merges Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, WhatsApp, telegram, TikTok, and medium, all in one ecosystem. To replace current systems, Stratus introduces unique features lacking in social media, foremost being freedom of speech.

Current platforms fight against freedom of speech by censoring appropriate content. Stratus will feature censorship only against unsolicited content.  However, it will not censor any appropriate content, meaning influencers enjoy all benefits of their content.

Introducing freedom of speech will make many people prefer Stratus to any other platform, thus switching to Stratus. In that way, Stratus will replace the entire social media world.

Final Word

The soon to be unveiled Stratus platform will smoothen the trading process from advertising to payment. Stratus introduces a new feature that allows advertisers to embed product links in their videos. This feature will generate more sales both in the short and long run.

The marketplace feature allows traders to reach trading agreements. To complete trades, Stratus hosts a payment platform similar to PayPal. Moreover, it has crypto payment options, dubbed Knox world pay, and the Apollo currency.

The completion of transactions is fast and safe owing to Stratus’ hub Apollo. Stratus will completely revolutionize the world of trade and offer complete secrecy of transactions.

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