ShareMeAll ICO Review

ShareMeAll ICO Review

Token – ESwitch®
Token Value – 1 eSwitch = 0.8 EUR
Platform – Ethereum
Accepted Currency – BTC, ETH, EUR, USD
Whitelist/KYC – KYC
Soft Cap – 2,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap – 7,500,000 EUR
Country – France
MVP – Available
Restricted Areas– U.S., Canada, and Singapore


A new age barter system with blockchain embedded in its core, ShareMeAll aims to open a transparent space for exchanging and sharing of goods and services. It is an alternative community project that provides a marketplace to share or exchange everything imaginable including accomodation. In return, the users will receive the token eSwitch® to facilitate bartering on its platform.
The project strives to bridge the gap between people across continents for communities to grow on a global scale.Sharing and exchanging of underutilized goods or services will enable an optimum utilization of the same. The idea behind the project is to put human values of trust and transparency at the center.
In addition, the project through its decentralized platform wants cryptocurrency to reach and be adopted by the banked and unbanked. It attempts to provide an open and secure space for trading good and services and investing in digital currency.

Key Features

  • The eSwitch® tokens are backed by the Ethereum blockchain technology and secured by smart contracts.
  • The tokens can be exchanged for crypto or fiat currency (Euros or Dollars) at the daily exchange rate.
  • users will receive eSwitch® when they create an account and offer a service or an object.
  • A crypto wallet can be imported on platform to export the tokens to the wallet.
  • Internet and mobile platform will be created to use and obtain eSwitch® tokens.
  • The platform will facilitate a face to face sharing or exchanging.
  • The platform can be accessed by anyone without the using fiat currency.

Cyril Pierrefeu (Founder & CEO) – He has a vast experience in the textile industry as a quality controller. He is also the founder and CEO of HelpMeDoc.

Christian Le Clech (Director & CTO) – He is an ambitious entrepreneur and an experienced computer engineer. He has previously worked as a web consultant and lead developer and as a co-founder of Chaumeil Digital.

Deepanshu Bhatt (Chief Marketing Officer) – An experienced professional in Blockchain technology and marketing with a vast experience of developing innovative blockchain projects and automating and scaling up digital marketing processes.

Jonathan Flores (Sales Manager) – Jonathan is an experienced sales manager in new technologies, with experience as a key account manager.

Serge Drevet (Designer) – He has graduated in Beaux Arts and communicates with his creativity on a computer.

Deri Septian (Community Manager) – He has experience as a community manager in several companies.


Quentin Herbrecht – He has several years of experience in project management, purchasing, analysis, and business development. He also has an experience of more than a year as a blockchain consultant, ICO advisor, and France manager for multiple projects.

Vladimir Denis – He is a financial investment advisor in cryptocurrencies, general manager at ABC Corporation, ICO, and blockchain advisor, trader and writer.

Guillaume Micouin – ICO bench expert, Blockgeeks ambassador, IDACB advisory board, IMMI High 1000, a Bitcoin foundation member and CEO at ABC.

Bryan Blaevoet – He has experience in digital marketing as a director and ICO advisor.

Florian Rézeau – COO and ICO and blockchain advisor.


The whitepaper is detailed and covers technical aspects, marketing plan, product details, and all other essential aspects. The website shows the necessary information about the ICO and is well designed. The profiles of team members and advisors are linked to their LinkedIn account and contain their email addresses as well.


July 2014 – Founding of Easy Free
January 2015 – Registration of the eSwitch® brand with the INPI
January 2019 – Pre ICO
March 2019 – ICO
May 2019 – Issue of eSwitch® token from ICO
Q3 2019 – website launching, graphic and ergonomic chart revision of the site
Q4 2019 – 500,000 users, mobile application launch, translation, and multilingual support, expansion in Europe
Q1 2020 – 1,000,000 users, the launch of a secure identification API with eSwitch® digital identity for other sharing, platforms expansion in North America
Q2-Q3 2020 – 3,000,000 users, expansion in Asia, Africa, and South America, (ongoing) translation and multilingual support
Q4 2020 – 10,000,000 users

Token allocation

60 million eSwitch® tokens will be distributed as follows: users – 60%
Pre-ICO/ICO – 25%
Easy Free Team – 5%
Bounty/Advisors – 5%
In reserve – 5%

Fund allocation

Marketing and business development – 45%
Technical development – 25%
General expense – 10%
Reserve – 10%
ICO expense – 10%

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