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Samourai Wallet Removes Security Features Because Of Google

BTC Samourai Wallet is forced to remove Stealth Mode, SMS Commands, and SIM Switch Defense features due to Google Play Store’s new policy.

The company has expressed strong dissatisfaction with this command in various tweets and applied for an exemption to the new rules. Unsuccessfully.

Security is the key

There is a variety of cryptocurrency wallets on the market today. They usually vary in costs of usage, user experience features and different cryptocurrencies compatibility. But what is the most important part of every wallet, is the security.

Samourai Wallet is a quite simple and easy-to-use mobile app BTC wallet. The creators promise a very safe and secure place to store digital money, along with masking the identity of the users. But from now on, we can’t be sure if all of the above will still be provided by Samourai Wallet.

Policies changes

On Monday, it was announced that Samourai Wallet has to remove some of the safety features of their product. Precisely they are Stealth Mode, SMS Commands, and SIM Switch Defense. It is due to Google Play Store’s new policy. The app can be downloaded there, hence it has to meet all of the requirements of the mobile shop.

Apparently, in an unchanged form, the Wallet does not meet the new conditions and would have to be removed from the store. Samourai tried to dismiss the new rules and applies for an exemption to them, but Google has rejected their request. The firm’s dissatisfaction has been expressed in a series of bitter tweets about how the features have helped many users.

Distinguishing features

According to the Samourai team, the removal of the mentioned above features will cause the users to be less secured and to feel exposed. These protections have been a part of the app since its launch back in 2015. They have been a distinguishing feature for the Wallet and that made it stand out amongst other applications.

One of the protection features warned the users if their SIM card has been hijacked. The second allowed the users to hide their wallet app from attackers who might have physical access to their phones. And the last one made it possible to remotely erase the bitcoin wallet to prevent loss in case of losing the device.

Bad Google?

The reasoning behind the policy change was for Google Play Store to become more of a ‘walled garden’ experience. It is indeed a development for the company, but in the process, the important features have to be deleted from apps to meet the new regulations. Is it a right way to implement changes?

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