Ranking: Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges With Polish Roots

Ranking: Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges With Polish Roots

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Poland is an up-and-coming bridgehead of cryptocurrency in Europe. Many startups are starting to operate in this central European country. There are several digital coins there, but the most significant things in crypto are Polish trading platforms. Because of that, we’ve decided to create a ranking of the best ones.

First of all, we should explain the title. The ranking consists of Polish exchanges, platforms which were in Poland but they had to move from there, and exchanges founded by Poles.

We should start by mentioning a few cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland which didn’t appear in our ranking due to law violations, breaches, etc. Poland has very restrictive crypto regulations and many exchanges decide to move out from their country of origin to more friendly ones (for instance Malta).

A few days ago, KNF, the Poland’s financial watchdog, put two exchanges on the public warning list. BitMarket24 published a statement saying that it will have shut down its operation by February 19, 2019. The other is facing an enormous fine (more below). Almost a year ago, KNF also included BitBay on that list.

We should also mention CoinBe. It looks like one of the largest Polish exchanges has conducted an ‘exit scam’. There is very strong evidence that the exchange doesn’t withdraw users’ assets and only pretends to operate.

If we have all things straight, we can almost go to the ranking.

Almost made it

Not just yet, though. Our ranking consists of top 5 Polish exchanges. However, we should give props to those which almost made there. There are other five (random order) which were really close. Right now, they present themselves a little worse in terms of security, trading pairs, development, etc. Who knows, maybe next month they will be on top.

Keep up the good work and you will make our top 5 next time. Now, when we mentioned the background of our ranking, we can jump to the best of the best. This is our top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges where Polish funds can be used.

Coxi is still relatively young, yet it has got attention from the crypto world. PHU DIANET, a company providing hosting services from Zduńska Wola, decided to create its own trading platform. Coxi tries to combine the cryptocurrency market with the traditional stock market. The exchange also offers many ICO investments. Coxi believes that more and more companies will be tokenizing itself, so the platform wants to take advantage of that. The platform provides the possibility of trade the most popular cryptocurrencies with PLN, EUR, USD and BTC.

BitMarket is registered on Seychelles. There were days when BitMarket fought with BitBay to become the number one exchange in Poland. Later, the platform had problems with stability and stopped developing itself. Since that, the exchange wasn’t so eager to include new cryptocurrencies. Because of that, BitMarket dropped little in the ranking. However, it is still one of the biggest players in the Polish crypto industry. The platform offers interesting investing instruments. On BitMarket, you can trade with leverage.

Coinroom.com is characterized by a minimalist look and simple colors, making it very clear and easy to use. The market includes 23 cryptocurrencies with high capitalization and as many as 4 traditional currencies (USD, EUR, PLN, GPB). On the platform, you can trade with pound, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by Poles living in Great Britain. In addition to trade and bill payments, you can create payment requests through the Coinroom exchange by accepting, for example, repayment of liabilities in cryptocurrencies from friends or contractors.

Not too long ago, there were days,  even months, when Coinroom was the number one option, just behind BitBay. Now, the cryptocurrency exchange has problems with KNF (it is facing the penalty as high as 5,000,000 PLN, almost $1,4 million) and perhaps the platform will have to move out or shut down.

The fight for the top was fierce. In the end, BitBay has to be satisfied with the second place. In 2018, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges from Poland had to move to Malta. It was the repercussion of KNF putting the platform on the warning list. The exchange offers 29 digital coins to its clients. You can buy there cryptocurrencies for PLN, EUR, USD and BTC. For years, BitBay was the fastest growing trading platform in Poland. Now, it has a competitive opponent.

<fanfares> That’s right. CoinDeal is the best cryptocurrency exchange with Polish roots. The company founded by three Poles started its operation on Cyprus almost a year ago. Since that time, it has become clear that CoinDeal aims higher than only Polish market. Right now, CoinDeal has over 30 cryptocurrencies available on its platform (most in the ranking). The exchange tries to engage its users with voting for a new cryptocurrency, airdrops, competitions and many other ventures. CoinDeal gets involved in charity events, sports sponsorship. For instance, the company was present on Polish Heritage Day in NBA. The company also sponsors Wolverhampton Wanderers, an English Premier League club. CoinDeal is always active and its support team does everything to help users. Stats also suggests that CoinDeal is the best option from above.

COINDEAL MALTA $8,262,928 42,988 NONE

Data from 6th February 2019, 01.30 PM (UTC+01:00:00)

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