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Ranking: The Most Interesting Masternode Coins

Ranking: The Most Interesting Masternode Coins

The Most Interesting Masternode Coins-Blockchain24.co

Passive income is something that excites people who are looking for efficient ways of online earning. Such business is not strange to the cryptocurrency industry either. The most trending example of passive incomes are now masternodes.

Beneficial for both sites

The very basic idea of masternode might be described in three words: “everyone is happy”. For those who are not aware of how it works, masternodes are servers in a blockchain network, assigned for additional services (like verifying transactions). Those nodes are maintained by cryptocurrency owners, who are rewarded for completing these actions. To own one of them, you usually need to acquire some specific number of coins and stack them. 

Such a solution is beneficial for each side, at least in theory. Cryptocurrency developers acquire additional support. Coin owners not only earn income, but they also become a significant part of the project – which, in some cases, may also provide some additional features, which you will see down below.

That’s enough for the introduction. Let’s move on to our ranking of the most endorsed masternodes in the cryptocurrency industry.

10. Image

This simple name hides a currency which is an excellent example of “classic” masternode cryptocurrency. Image presents itself as decentralized coin, focused on stability and security. It might also be used as a utility token in associated realizations. The whole project is highly community-based, and masternodes are a crucial element of this policy.

9. HempCoin

It’s more like a curiosity, but it definitely deserves a place in our ranking. HempCoin mission is revolutionizing hemp, agricultural and tobacco industries. It’s an excellent example of the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies suit everywhere. HempCoin is trying to achieve this goal with the help of the masternode system – but it is based on our next coin, which is…

8. Wagerr

This oriented on sports industry blockchain project is made to execute betting contracts. Decentralized nature of Wagerr solves the problem of potential fraud and corruption and ensure winners that they will get paid for their luck. The coin is associated with a masternode program called Oracle, which in this case retrieves data from real sports events and then determinates winners thanks to them.

7. SmartCash

This coin was designed especially for merchants, to provide user-friendly and community-oriented cryptocurrency – called SmartHive. The whole project is supported by a masternode system called smart nodes, which provides not only standard rewards for its users but also instant transactions in SmartCash.


PIVX was created around a very popular idea of providing privacy to its users. And this is the main feature which its developers use to encourage people to participate in the masternode project. Its owners are assured that their security will be increasing with the growing number of new users. 

5. Loki

The name after an infamous Nordic god of mischief, Loki is, in fact, a blockchain project made for the very same noble reason as PIVX: to make the Internet more private. But its realization is much more enjoyable. In this case, masternodes (called by developers service nodes) help maintain the Lokinet – a fully decentralized network, which is the most prominent feature of the whole project. Its owners not only get a financial reward, but they are also able to host their own, fully private services, called SNApps. 


SWARM’s developers don’t beat around the bush – They pointed out that the main priority is to create a satisfactory ecosystem. Such a simple approach is honest and straightforward, and it harmonizes with the idea of masternodes as a source of passive income. Of course, that concept comes along with most essential crypto values: decentralization and security. 

3. SysCoin

This coin describes itself as oriented at integrating private businesses with blockchain technology – and it has a variety of ways to do so. For example, it helps in creating decentralized marketplaces, creating a digital token for use in enterprise or even integrating with other blockchain projects. And of course, it also gives a possibility of acquiring masternode, which helps to maintain all these processes under decentralized governance.

2. Energi

The idea of Energi results from the lack of discussion about the economic optimization of cryptocurrencies, especially in combination with other vital aspects. It all has led to creating a self-funding coin, using smart-contracts with decentralized governance behind it. Energi developers aim for global adoption, and that’s why they’re trying to create a user-friendly system, and masternodes are one of the elements which are supporting this idea.

1. Dash

Dash is an indisputable leader of this ranking. Not only because this is the currency with the highest volume of every coin with masternodes. Dash’s renown and experience in the industry show its position on the market. But probably the best sign of its value is a growing number of coins which are using its code (like, for example, mentioned above, SysCoin or Image). That’s all consist of the leading masternode project in the cryptocurrency industry.

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