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Pink Care Token-Hope For Women Trapped In Sanitary

Every woman living in the First World countries has easy access to basic sanitary supplies. Unfortunately, the thing that we take for granted is at the same time a luxury for women from developing countries. Binance Charity faces this problem and releases Pink Care Token.

Binance, as one of the biggest exchange platforms (2 billion dollars daily trading volumes), took some actions to help people in need last October. As a charity, it is mostly focused on helping local communities in Africa. Pink Care Token (PCAT) is created to fight the Period Poverty which affects over one million women. The organization has gathered 47 sponsors so far and is taking the first serious steps in just one week. The first supply of sanitary pads is going to reach women in Uganda in mid-July. This action has already gained some attention and support from the Ugandan government politicians.

Why was PCAT created in the first place?

Period poverty doesn’t deal only with the lack of sanitary pads. It is also connected with an insufficient number of toilets (hand washing facilities as well) and menstrual hygiene education. Women, who don’t have any access or simply can’t afford to buy sanitary pads, need to manage the period somehow. That is why many girls in Uganda use cassava leaves during their period which mostly leads to infections. In such bad conditions, even minor infection can evolve quickly into something more dangerous. 

Apart from that, period, in general, is a stigma for a large group of females. In Nepal, there is still a belief that women with a period are cursed and have to be kept away from other people. Chhaupadi, a menstrual exile can expand to an extreme level, a woman who has period may not touch things used by others, share the same water source and even remain in the same room or house with the rest of the householders. Despite being banned in the whole country, this ostracism is still ongoing – mainly in villages. Undereducated people hand over this stigma through generations, and it seems that unless their world-view makes progress, more and more females are going to suffer. 

There are many stories about women dying because they had to spend a night in a secluded and uninsulated cot. Imagine spending a cold Himalayan night in a shed, where the only thing that can keep you warm is a campfire. Fire makes staying in that place at least bearable, but at the same time, it can be lethal. It’s very possible to get asphyxiated because of poor ventilation or die in flames when your blanket catches fire. Terrifying? It’s a reality for many Nepali women who are forced to risk their lives because of a natural cycle they can’t do anything about. In other developing countries, the first day of menstruation equals with dropping out of school and becoming a wife. No one cares about a girl’s opinion nor her young age. She is used as an item to get a new cow or a few chickens.

These problems and many other related problems show there is still a tremendous amount of work to carry, and supplying sanitary pads is just a beginning of changes to come.

Is blockchain charity better than a regular one?

Creators of PCAT ensure that unlike ordinary charities, every donation for their fund-raiser is going to be visible and easy to track. Binance Charity puts emphasis on being 100% transparent, and Blockchain Technology is one of the best existing ways to keep all donations safe and minimize the transaction cost.

The Internet is bursting with fake charities that aren’t detected or being detected when it’s too late for getting funds back. Even websites dedicated to collecting money for a good cause can’t check every single action, plus charity’s expenses aren’t always precise. There were many cases about suspiciously expensive costs of running the organization’s office or a massive amount of money going to private accounts. These illegal proceedings do nothing good but discourage people from donating their money. It seems that Blockchain has facilities to regain their trust. 

Fundraising based on this technology also has another positive impact, it is able to diffuse the message about cryptocurrency and Blockchain to a broader group of people. 

Can giving help, spreading knowledge and making money go alongside? I guess if no one loses, we can call it a win-win situation.

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