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OkEx makes big additions to Ecology

OkEx makes big additions to Ecology

OkEx has made some serious additions to their use bases of their native token OKB, allowing their customers to obtain greater security. 

Security is paramount, especially in the cryptocurrency field. Exchanges and their users are often hit, but OkEx is looking to change that. 

In an attempt to make things fair and give their users the chance to put security to major importance, OkEx has teamed up with numerous security companies. Now, their  native token,OKB, can be used to buy three different companies services and protection. Jay Hao, OkEx’s CEO announced the news of the security partnership. His tweet read:

”So much to announce for $OKB this week! Other than the upcoming launch of #OKChain, we’ve just added numerous use cases for the 

@OKEx native token. I’ll announce the first 3 here today, more to come this week!”
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Now we will tell you some more about these companies and what might be best for you:


Slowmist is a company for cybersecurity. The company has a project with OkEx called the “Security Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program,” which you can purchase to ensure your assets. Slowmist has team members coming from Google, Microsoft, W3C, as well as the Ministry of Public Security in China. 


For the blockchain side of things, Beosin is the best you can get. Having worked with over 1,000 blockchain projects clearly it is trusted within the industry. Beosin is a Chinese company and everyone knows how the People’s Republic is leading the world in this area’s development. Beosin is one company helping them lead. 


Certik is the company that is halting hackers around the world. Certik have looked to have found the answer to the industry’s hacking problem. Certik are the creator of the world’s first hacker-resistant system. Conducting more than 200 audits, and having secured up to $6.23 billion, their reputation and ability is clearly top notch.

OkChain is incoming

In other OkEx news, the company is launching OkChain shortly. The white paper for OkChain explains the product, saying:

“Ok Chain is a new blockchain network that fully supports state sharding and fast consensus. 

“In OKChain, the entire network is divided into multiple shards, each shard maintains an independent ledger, and can handle conflict-free transactions in parallel; a fast consensus algorithm based on threshold signature is used in a shard, achieving efficient block production without forking.”

Watch this space for when the much anticipated OkChian drops and more OkEx news. 

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