Nano Starts 2019 On Backfoot As Key Developer PlasmaPower (Lee Bousfield) Leaves the Project

Nano Starts 2019 On Backfoot As Key Developer PlasmaPower (Lee Bousfield) Leaves the Project

While all major projects are realigning their strategy to start off the new year, Nano is beginning the year with a setback, as its key developer Lee Bousfield has supposedly left the project.

Lee Bousfield contributions critical for Nano

Like every week, Nano released its weekly update giving out stakeholders the latest developments on the project. But this update came as a shock to many as it announced the exit of the core developer, Lee Bousfiled. The announcement on the Medium post read as:

“With mixed emotions, we would sadly like to inform you that Lee Bousfield (PlasmaPower) has accepted a promotion outside of the Nano Foundation. Lee has been a great team member and has provided valuable insights and impressive efforts into the development of the core protocol since joining the team 8 months ago. So, we’d like to thank him for his massive contributions to the organization and wish him the best on his next adventure!”

Commonly known as PlasmaPower in the developer’s community, Bousfield had joined the core team of Nano and his primary work involved working on the Nano core node and its protocol. Some of his work with Nano that could be traced on the internet includes,

  • nano-vanity-0.4.7- Generation of Nano address with prefix of choice
  • ghcl-0.1.1- GitHub Clone
  • nano-work-server-0.1.7- A dedicated work server for the Nano cryptocurrency
  • nanocurrency-protocol-0.5.1- Protocol code for the Nano cryptocurrency
  • nanocurrency-peering-0.6.0- Peering code for the Nano cryptocurrency
  • nanocurrency-types-0.3.16- A set of types for the Nano cryptocurrency
  • gene-seq-intersections-0.3.1-Count intersections between genes and sequences
  • banano-vanity-0.4.2-Generate BANANO cryptocurrency addresses with a given prefix

Bousfield was working with Nano since April 2018. He was really thrilled to join the team and expressed his excitement in GitHub post which quoted,

“I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined the Nano Core team! My name is Lee Bousfield, but I go by PlasmaPower online. I’m 17 years old and currently attend high school in Boise, Idaho, USA. My primary work is on the Nano core node and its protocol. Recently, I’ve been working to improve the RPC (what developers use to interface with Nano nodes) and the transition to universal blocks. The parse canary block for version 11 was just released, so if you are running a node be sure to update”

The announcement that came as a surprise, is silent on the reason why Bousfiled left Nano. Although it does speak about a replacement senior software developer which is expected to join the team in January

What do you think is the reason Bousfield left Nano Foundation? Do let us know your views on the same.

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