Most Promising Blockchain Companies To Watch For In 2020

Blockchain 2020

By all ups and downs, 2019 was an amazing year for the blockchain and crypto space. Right from the birth of the latest alliances, new cryptocurrency trading products, BTC and ETH survived the market, and an outsized number of blockchain protocols matured and expanded in growth. Finally, the U.S. Congress and foreign central banks are paying close attention to the benefits of this truly decentralized technology (blockchain) and digital assets. Even China has entered the blockchain race fully force by spending 1000’s of billions on innovation and supporting blockchain startups. The Topmost financial companies within the world are building on blockchain and this trend isn’t slowing down.

With a robust and sustainable growth with this technology, there are many blockchain investment opportunities now. Here, we’ve gathered information about the highest blockchain companies and blockchain startups. These FinTech companies are those to observe in 2020, whether you’re looking to take a position in blockchain stocks or looking to enter the blockchain industry.

↠ Patientory

Patientory’s blockchain project could become a healthcare provider with a goal to increase and enhance medical results. In addition, Patientory offers healthcare organizations the confidential storage of patient information such as Name, Treatment, History, Medicines, etc. Also, through the platform, the exchange of information can be done between the patient and the doctor is possible. Furthermore, Patientory can significantly reduce the cost of medical services by accelerating and coordinating the process.

↠ Wolf Group

Wolfs Group OÜ, a European consulting company that specializes in various strategic industries investing. In addition, they acquired a payment platform called, Ferpay and went into a deal with VISA to roll out multicurrency cards and Cryptocurrency to fiat gateway. Wolf Group also gonna invest in the Real estate under Wolfs Development. They are doing IEO in 5 stages, where the 1st stage has started on January 3, the planned soft cap is $ 2 million, and the hard cap is $ 10 million.

↠ OneGram

The developers of the OneGram project create a gold-providing/backed cryptocurrency. Upon launching, they provide coin with one gram of gold. This can significantly reduce the risks of cryptocurrency buyers. A person withdraws a small commission from each transaction with a given currency. With that commission, he will be able to buy new gold. Thus, the value of the currency will increase over time.

↠ BitPesa

BitPesa is another trading platform from Kenya that helps companies, customers, and users transfer money across borders and continents in the form of bitcoins.

The main goal of the company is to use the decentralized power of bitcoin and relatively low fees to provide people who do not have a bank account to have access to the modern global economy. Subsequently, it shifted its focus to trading.

↠ Facebook’s Libra

Facebook’s payment network initiative that received a mountain of resistance from regulators both within the U.S. and in Europe has been slowly developed, shying faraway from media attention. Their GitHub repository has regular development commits and activity. The expectation is that Libra will launch in one jurisdiction and with very limited scope, partners and functionality. it’ll not be the payment rails and onboarding vehicle that it promised originally but still will show signs of progress.

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