Mcafee’s BitFi Hardware Wallet – Things you need to know about it!

Mcafee’s BitFi Hardware Wallet – Things you need to know about it!

What is BitFi all about?

The Bitfi hardware wallet is a breakthrough technology that offers a rare combination of the most advanced security (better than any form of cold storage) for private and enterprise use and is remarkably simple to use requiring no tech knowledge at all.

Why is the Bitfi wallet more secure than cold storage?

Before the Bitfi wallet became available, paper wallets and other cold storage, in general, were perhaps the most secure way to store crypto assets. But this type of storage still has numerous errors. For example, your paper wallet can be lost or stolen, it can be destroyed in a fire or flood, and most importantly the process of creating a paper wallet requires following strict instructions and the ultimate security of this wallet depends almost entirely on whether or not these instructions were followed. This level of sophistication is not appropriate for most people and at best it will cause a significant amount of anxiety and frustration. Even if you followed all the proper steps, you then need to make sure that the file that you sent to the printer was not stored in the printers local memory (and someone can later access these files) and that the computer that was used to create the cold storage does not have any malware (assuming that this computer is ever re-connected to the internet). These security vulnerabilities are clearly significant. In addition, even if you do have a properly set-up “air-gapped” computer that has never been connected to the internet, if there is a break-in at the location where the computer is stored, all the funds can be stolen from the machine. The Bitfi wallet completely eliminates these vulnerabilities. You never create anything on a computer connected to the internet so your wallet information cannot be stolen by malware or a hacker. The private key is never stored on the device itself and is never transmitted anywhere so there is no risk that someone can obtain information through forced entry. Finally, all of your assets and crypto net worth is backed-up and stored by a single secret phrase and you, therefore, have the option not to write anything down. The end result is that there are no possible security vulnerabilities and you can have 100% peace of mind storing an unlimited amount of digital assets with no risk. Whether for personal or business use, this is the final answer for security and convenience.

Features and Benefits:

  1. The First Hardware wallet with support for Monero (XMR)
  2. No Middlemen Attack
  3. All your funds in a single dashboard
  4. Your Private Key is never stored
  5. Secret Phrase Backup
  6. Completely Wireless

You can get one, for only $120 here.

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