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McAfee Is Running For President

McAfee Is Running For President

McAfee Is Running For President -

A controversial cryptocurrency guru, John McAfee has announced his 2020 US presidential campaign. However, the crypto advocate is wanted by U.S. tax authorities and he will run his campaign from a boat in international waters.

John McAfee keeps surprising. If you haven’t met this guy so far, you should read our story about his bet with the devil.

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The presidential candidate

McAfee announced his running via a video statement published on Twitter:

After that, as usual with John’s tweets, the internet exploded. If it goes that way, it will be the very first presidential campaign conducted only on Twitter.

Later, he said:

“Every so often and very rarely, a clash of old and new cultures brought about bright technology, changes civilization. Cryptocurrency is one of those technologies. Probably the most dramatic, that we’ve occurred in human history since the invention of fire too. Cryptocurrencies free the individuals from the control of governments.”

He is convinced that the government controls us using fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency is the solution, he said. According to McAfee, governments are terrorized by the possibility of mass cryptocurrency adoption. He states that governments are in disappear due to the crypto industry.

What about campaign?

John McAfee also explained how the campaign would be conducted. As it turns out, he is always on the phone with his campaign manager, Rob Loggia. Loggia operates in New York. McAfee plans to produce 2,000 face masks and distribute them to the volunteers all around America. Then, he will be speaking through loudspeakers. After that, he will answer a few questions from the public.

The crypto advocate also has a plan for debates. He will write key notes to his people. Yep, that’s right, that is his whole plan. He will be conducting his presidential campaign through loudspeakers and Skype. When the time for debates comes, he will still be on his “freedom boat”.

After that video, people raised concerns that he was shaking as if he was under influence of some drugs. McAfee responded that he is just old. “I’m 73. I have neural disintegration, like every old person. If you want to be rude, get the f*** off my page” he said.

The trouble with taxes

“I have not paid taxes for eight years. I’ve made no secret of it. I have not filed returns. Every year I tell the IRS I’m not filing returns. I have no intention of doing so. Come and find me. It’s not illegal.”

That’s his words. McAfee has a problem with IRS. His supporters believe that taxation is theft. Because of that, he can’t conduct his campaign on the American soil. Nevertheless, it can be an upgrade. Donald Trump, the current U.S. president, has never revealed his tax returns. At least, McAfee is transparent in that matter.

John McAfee declared that he will publish update videos every day. It may seem like this is a joke, but McAfee has proved many times that there isn’t anything too crazy for him.

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