Liechtenstein Bank Will Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Liechtenstein Bank Will Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Liechtenstein Bank Will Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform -

Bank Frick, a private institution from Liechtenstein, announced its official plans for a cryptocurrency trading platform launch. It will offer services for investors mostly.

Building the future

Banks and financial institutions all around the world follow the trend to somehow implement blockchain and the cryptocurrency technology to their products. It is important to be up-to-date and offer services that the clients await. Now, a new company has joined the bandwagon and announced the launch of a cryptocurrency trading platform for investors. It’s a Liechtenstein bank.

The new is coming

On February 20, Bank Frick, a private banking company from a small European country of Liechtenstein, issued an official statement on their website. It informs about the pioneering firm’s actions in the blockchain industry. The bank introduced its new subsidiary – DLT Markets AG. The new unit will be responsible for the launch of Frick’s new service which will be a cryptocurrency trading platform. It will be dedicated to investors and businesses. This joyful announcement was also posted on the bank’s Twitter page:

The offer

According to the statement, DLT Markets will provide its customers with access to trade in digital assets on several exchanges. The creators assure of the future platform being thoroughly secured and regulated, to keep the safety levels as high as possible. The unit will also be taking care of order data and position management processes concerning the platform. Bank Frick will provide full custodial services to investors trading cryptocurrency.

Bank Frick calls itself a European leader of blockchain banking. When the platform launches, maybe this term will finally become rightfully earned.

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