Justin Sun: TRON Will Have More DApps Than EOS In One Month

Justin Sun: TRON Will Have More DApps Than EOS In One Month

Justin Sun has predicted that TRON, the blockchain that he founded in 2017, will host more decentralized applications than EOS in the near future. On Twitter, Sun boasted that TRON now hosts 83 dApps, more than twice the amount that the platform hosted a few weeks ago. Sun writes:


Although every dApp aggregator provides different data, it is not difficult to get a general feel for TRON’s success. The platform seems to be growing much faster than EOS, which has accumulated just over 250 dApps since it was launched in June. NEO, meanwhile, is roughly in line with TRON and hosts about 75 dApps. Ethereum, however, still dominates the market and hosts at least 1400 dApps.

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Some of TRON’s recent growth comes from the fact that the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) allows users to port Ethereum and Java apps to the platform. This feature was originally introduced in August and was responsible for an initial surge in TRON’s dApp count. As a result, it is not clear how many apps on TRON are original and how many have been ported from other platforms.

That said, TRON is making an effort to promote dApp innovation and attract new developers. In particular, TRON has put a focus on mainstream gaming―a largely untapped market in the blockchain world―by introducing TRON Arcade. It will also release Project Atlas, a potentially killer app that will compensate users for seeding torrents, at some point in the future.

On the whole, it seems that TRON is more popular than its market cap ranking might suggest. Despite just barely making into the top 10 ranks, TRON has achieved more than one-third of Ethereum’s transaction volume at times. With a widespread focus on coin prices, it is easy to forget that usage rates also play into the picture. In this regard, the future looks bright for TRON.

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