Jumping into SILVER – CRYPTO PAYMENT GATEWAY of ALADIEX ECOSYSTEM: How to earn a profit with SILVER?

Jumping into SILVER – CRYPTO PAYMENT GATEWAY of ALADIEX ECOSYSTEM: How to earn a profit with SILVER?

According to a study by ACI Worldwide, global e-commerce retail sales increased by 209% in April as consumers shifted their in-store purchases to online and mobile channels due to the COVID-19 pandemic that accelerated the rise in cashless payments and electronic payments. 

AladiEx sees this as a huge opportunity and understands its strengths in the cryptocurrency industry with the AladiEx ecosystem. AladiEx is agile and  revamps its technology introducing the Silver payment gateway to the global market.

With a Silver payment gateway, customer financial security is the highest priority. Silver security technology and platform have been certified under international standards: PCI – DSS 3.2.1, that help us connect and develop services. Silver is the first and the only company in the world which deployed a mixed payment method between crypto and fiat, both fiat or crypto payments are acceptable everywhere with local currency or popular tokens without risks. The Silver payment gateway further promotes cryptocurrency and has become a global currency.

Silver will play a central role to enable payment transactions for the different industries such as gaming, Electronic wallet issuers, DAPP, Ecommerce, Payment services, Service industry/segment. Through Alchemy’s protocol that is easily deployable to the blockchain community, Alchemy enables fast and secure transactions based on an integrated scaling solution such as a lightning network, Raiden network, and public channel network. In addition, the PULLPAY protocol includes Pushpay and Pullpay that provide the flexible payment model to meet the needs of industries as well as integrate functions or split payments. 

Furthermore, complex algorithms and AI technology are built in to reduce fraud risks and strengthen the protection network. Using smart contracts also makes transactions easier, the smart contract’s customization capabilities will meet the needs of the business.

Apart from payment gateway sizes, the SVS Silver token allowing investors to receive up to 70% share of the entire ecosystem’s profits and redeem shopping points for cashback and discounts with many attractive options.

Silver has been empowering users to approach the multiple e-commerce platforms with their digital assets. They aim to bring a seamless payment journey and for help to run their crypto operations more efficiently and smoothly with continuous cash flow through fast settlement. The Silver payment gateway promises many breakouts in the cryptocurrency industry in the near future.

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