Jokes And Humor Of Cryptocurrency

Jokes And Humor Of Cryptocurrency

Jokes And Humor Of Cryptocurrency -

Do you want to laugh and have fun? In this post we want to show you some images, jokes and gifts that are most popular in social networks about the world of digital currency.

The world of cryptocurrency is already unstoppable and there are more and more innovations with a future full of uncertainties but also of possibilities. Some people take advantage of the situation to make funny jokes about the subject and on the Internet you can find a lot of content that has been created to mock this world.

For example, we find animations like gifs that capture different moments on the world of crypto and we can see them shared through social networks and Whatsapp. We can find hundreds of jokes which portray, for example, the work of the miners or the obsession to invest in the digital currency. We can also see animations of the bitcoin currency in video games or the ups and downs of the value of the currency represented, for example, by a roller coaster. Here we see some of these gifs!

On twitter we also constantly find funny jokes, images and animations that refer to some situation of the cryptocurrency. Below you can find the links to some of the most recent comments from different users:

Finally, we also want to show you some of the jokes published on the platform “”, written by users:

“A man walks into a furniture shop:

  • If I order that white sofa and pay with Bitcoin, can I get it delivered today?
  • Yes sir, but we wait for three confirmations.

So the man says : I definitely want to order the sofa. I definitely want to order the sofa. I definitely want to order the sofa.”

Q:Why we won’t see moon colonies ever?

A: Because moon is already covered with tokens and altcoins

Q: What kind of car will you never see a bitcoiner driving?

A: A fiat

Q: Why doesn’t Superman mine Monero?

A: Because he’s afraid of CryptoNight.

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