Important Changes Are Coming!

Important Changes Are Coming!

Important Changes Are Coming -

As you may have already seen, we have been changed our content for the last several weeks. Today, we want to officially say that we are changing From tomorrow on, our portal will be a different place.

We have been a cryptocurrency and blockchain news site for almost two years now. Almost a thousand articles about the most important developments, scandals, exciting projects, the biggest companies, new exchanges, etc. We have tried to explain the most complicated stories, but we’ve also made some lightweight topics. We’ve been on the most important events in the industry, and we talked with experts from all around the world.

We’ve made headlines, cooperated with the biggest companies on the crypto market. We’ve also made some mistakes. All of that was a great lesson and we learned a lot. Today, however, we are changing our profile.

More than just a news

While we’ve had fun for the past two years, we have come to the conclusion that it is now the time to make significant changes. We won’t be crypto- and blockchain-related news site anymore. At least, not only that. 

News is a very specific kind of information. It has to be quick, accurate and full of inside. We know that we can’t compete with the best news outlets in the industry, at least in terms of speed. We don’t have that kind of sources, and we are not spread across the world. What we can do, is to grab that news, check it up, try to reach people involved, and make a compelling story about it.

We don’t want just to write other news. We want to get deeper into stories. We want to make analyses, valuable articles, comments, make interesting opinions, talk with people who know much more than us. Finally, we want to make the content, which can’t be found anywhere else. We believe that the quality is just better than quantity, and a great story will defend itself. There will be less in terms of numbers of articles, but it will be much more in terms of substance.

Voice of the people

Nevertheless, the most important change should happen on the other side of the table. We don’t make articles for ourselves, we want to write about those topics, that you would be interested in. You are the most important part of our portal.

Because of that, we want to give you more of a voice. We will be more accessible for you and we will give you the opportunity to decide what should appear on

We decided to create a Facebook’s group. It is called – Cryptocurrency Group. We are there, waiting for your input, for your opinion and proposition of the content you would like to read. Join us and let us know what you think about our website.

We have several exciting series of articles in our minds. We will talk with many influencers from the industry. We will introduce very interesting blockchain projects, which for some reason aren’t well-known. We will make more advanced chart analysis. We will remind stories about those projects which somehow failed to become what they should be. We will make many recurring columns and opinions. We will discuss, argue and debate with you over the most controversial topics. From tomorrow on, blockchain24 will be very much different.

Half of a year is already behind us. We are entering the second half with new energy, ideas, and quality on our platform. We can only hope that you will jump on board. It will be a bumpy road, but we can promise you that it will be one hell of a ride!

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e-mail box: [email protected]

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