IBM Partnership With Columbia, CFA Exam With Cryptos!

IBM Partnership With Columbia, CFA Exam With Cryptos!


People which oversees CFA exam knows that that is why from 2019 exam will be expanded with information about cryptocurrencies.


IBM, one of the largest IT companies, has launched a new research center in partnership with Columbia University. Research is to be conducted to stimulate the development of blockchain applications and educational initiatives.

“Our students and faculty, working together with IBM, will play an important role in the vibrant exchange of ideas and research surrounding this transformative technology.” John H. Coatsworth from  Columbia University says.

A select committee of both IBM researchers and Columbia members will soon be announced to review blockchain-based “curriculum development, business initiatives and research agendas” later this year.

“[partnership] will significantly accelerate the development of scholarships and applications”  John H. Coatsworth comments.


“The most brutal test in the world of finance” – so-called CFA is a three-part exam that covers several different areas of finance. Since August 2019, in addition to his knowledge of traditional finance, he has also acquired knowledge of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies.

According to Bloomberg, Stephen Horan, CEO of the CFA Institute for General Education and Curriculum, who oversees the CFA exams, said in this regard:

“We saw the field [of crypto] advancing more quickly than other fields and we also saw it as more durable… This is not a passing fad.”

“Fintech in Investment Management,” the new CFA software section is to be named after, in addition to knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, is to deal with topics such as artificial intelligence, machine teaching and electronic commerce.


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