Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day Everybody!

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day Everybody!

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day Everybody! - blockchain24.co

Did you know that today is a Bitcoin Pizza Day? It is an anniversary of a pizza’s purchase for 10,000 BTC. Nine years passed in a blink of an eye. So much happened during that period.

We’ve written about it many times because it is the most inspiring Bitcoin story. And probably the most awkward, too. At least if you look at it from the perspective of a few years.

Pizza, please

May 22nd, 2010. Jacksonville in Florida, United States. Laszlo Hanyecz, one of the first representant of the Bitcoin community, did something groundbreaking. He bought two pizzas! It may sound like a poor joke, but it really was an astonishing achievement. It was the very first Bitcoin transaction!

Back then, Bitcoin existed for only several months, and it was known mostly by IT nerds. Nobody knew that it would become such a significant thing in a matter of a few years. Laszlo was a believer that this development, this new shiny thing can be a legitimate rival for fiat money. As it turned out, he was right.

Hanyecz bought two pizzas from Papa John’s for 10,000 bitcoins. In 2010, it was worth only roughly $30. Today, it is worth almost $80 million. Quite an expensive pizza, right?

Relativism of time

Of course, it is not like that Bitcoin was a sure thing back then. Hanyecz didn’t have any payment processing platforms available. While today, you could buy for that the whole chain of pizza restaurants, almost a decade ago the transaction had to be set via a forum called Bitcoin Talk.

It is worth to mention that Hanyecz repeated the historical moment at the end of February, last year. That time, however, two pizzas from Papa John’s cost only 0,00649 BTC. He tested the Lighting Network.

So, stop your diet for a day, get your phone, and order the pizza. For the sake of the old times, and the new ones. If you are reading this article, you deserve it.

P.S. You can send us photos of your favorite Bitcoin pizza. We will pick the best ones from our mailbox and publish them on our Facebook page.

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