GSTAR Coin Realizes a Shared Economy For GOX Mining

GSTAR Coin Realizes a Shared Economy For GOX Mining

GOX is a mobile-based Blockchain system that facilitates a shared economy through mobile mining. GOX refers to Global Online Mobile Blockchain system that performs mining by playing mobile games. It enables ease of access to mining GOX by anyone irrespective of their age. The GSTAR foundation has already developed more than 10 games on the Blockchain technology. The platform allows users to play games without downloading them from app stores.

Three Main Pillars of GSTAR

The business models of Gstar are mainly based on three verticals which are web-based mobile games mining, global auditioning program and mobile broadcasting. The mobile games played by users will simultaneously mine GOX which can be used as a payment for a global audition program. Singers can audition through their mobile which will be broadcasted in partnership with broadcasting stations in various countries. Each of these communities will work independently and will be linked through GOX. The common factor between all three models is that they are all based on mobile. Gstar promises the realization of their business models within a year which is contrary to other blockchain-based startups with projects that sometimes take over 5 years to be realized.

Apart from the main business models, GOX will also be used for HEMP Medical Bio to facilitate a transparent distribution from farm to the customer, for interpersonal and international trade, for Escrow and as a payment solution for various internet contents.

Why is Mobile Mining Better than Conventional Mining?

  • Mobile mining is easily accessible by anyone and does not require a hardware mining machine.
  • Mobile mining with GOX is a cost-efficient method of mining cryptocurrency.
  • It does not require a separate space, consumes less electricity and does not need to be entrusted.
  • Mining status can be confirmed anywhere and at any point in time.
  • Mobile mining is not cumbersome and in fact, is a form of entertainment through the mobile games available.

Mobile mining is the key to realizing a shared mining economy desired by the cryptoverse. Gstar is on a mission to realize this shared economy with its innovative project that will bring real-world value to cryptocurrency.


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