FuturoCoin on Exrates.me!

FuturoCoin on Exrates.me!

futurocoin exrates.me

FuturoCoin is a young cryptocurrency which is winning cryptoinvestors’ hearts. As the best example of growing interest in FTO is the fact, that this digital currency is available to trade on more and more cryptocurrency exchange platforms day by day.

About FuturoCoin (FTO)

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a cryptocurrency which provides instant transactions with the constant transaction’s fee. Using FTO will simplify making transactions from every place in the world. That means that every transaction is carried out by the network – not by one person. This solution provides the highest security of conducted transactions.

FuturoCoin is already available to trade on great cryptocurrency exchange platforms like YoBit.net, Piyasa.net, southXchange.com, Coinbe.net and CoinDeal.com. Thanks to that, FTO is tradable offering high liquidity on, mentioned above, platforms.

To that list of cryptocurrency exchange platforms on which FuturoCoin is available, joins Exrates.me. This platform is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform being listed on 35 position on CoinMarketCup. The platform already offers a lot of cryptocurrencies and tokens. From now on, FuturoCoin can be found there too.

FTO Exrates.me

Development of FuturoCoin

In the timeline presented on official project’s website are events like CoinOFFMine – mobile game to mine crypto, FuturoDice – cryptocurrency gambling or ATMs supporting FuturoCoin.


The future with FuturoCoin is closer than you think. Fast development, instant transactions and the highest level of security – this is the project. This is FuturoCoin.

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