FuturoCoin Conference: One Of A Kind Event

FuturoCoin Conference: One Of A Kind Event

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A powerful dose of knowledge, technological curiosities and interesting backstage conversations. This is the best way to summarize the FuturoCoin Conference, which took place on the last day of February in Warsaw.

Everything started with a press conference, where Paulina Woźniak, CEO of FuturoCoin OU, explained why we were there, what was on the agenda, what the main attractions of the conference were. After that, every member of media had the opportunity to talk personally with Woźniak and Alex Strześniewski from CoinDeal, who was also attending the press conference.

From left: Alex Strześniewski, Paulina Woźniak and Michał Kobosko

The main event: speeches

The guests grabbed their coffee, and it all really started. The FuturoCoin Conference was stacked with presentations of experts from around the world. There were many interesting topics. Why was the conference one of a kind, though? Because the event concentrated not only on blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also on sports. Somehow, the organizers put these two worlds together and it worked. People enjoyed listening about FuturoCoin, the future of crypto, the usage of the blockchain, and the power of sport sponsorship.

We are removing the bank from the equation of managing our funds – it’s a really cool solution, but we have to take better care of what we are doing. If not, our money will be lost – said Hubert Krawczyk, CEO of Darb. It was only the second prelection, but it already brought down the house. He also argued that decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges aren’t the solution for every problem, and we should be cautious if it comes to DEXs.

Hubert Krawczyk (CEO of Darb) during his presentation

Later, Alex Strześniewski explained that public blockchain is a revolution to come, and that Bitcoin grants freedom. He said: – Bitcoin is your money. No one can take your Bitcoin away. No one can send your Bitcoin. No one can receive your Bitcoin instead of you. Bitcoin is 100% under your control.

Dr. Mervyn G. Meistry had a different take on Bitcoin: – Bitcoin is a very badly designed protocol. It’s extremely badly designed. Fantastic in terms of computing; in terms of commerce and economy – incredibly primitive.
CEO of Konfidio also argued that 2019 or 2020 will be the year of the enterprise blockchain.

Dr. Mervyn G. Meistry (founder and CEO of Konfidio)

Yanina Petrovskaya revealed what the most crypto-friendly country in Europe is. Muhammad Salman Anjun talked about (non)regulation of blockchain. Kamil Swiętochowski explained trends and interests in the crypto world.

We were also able to learn more about sponsorship in sport. Joe Williams & Chris Harfield walked us through the whole unusual cooperation between FuturoCoin and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. They said: – So many brands get involved in sponsorships to stand out from the crowd and cryptocurrency is no different. Obviously, there are thousands of different coins out there, a huge number of different companies operating within the space. But what FuturoCoin have done is they’ve become the first and the only currency to be involved in that sport [Formula One].

From left: Chris Harfield and Joe Williams from Williams Harfield Sports Group

At the end of the part with speeches, Paulina Woźniak had a few words to say about the first year of FuturoCoin. She explained why FTO is here for a long time, what happened in the last 12 months, and what the key to success in the crypto industry is.

There was, however, a fly in the ointment. Not every speech was top-notch. Almost every was full of inspirations, great points and interesting takes. Nevertheless, some of the presentations of the speakers stood out from the rest of the speeches.

The most interesting part: corridors’ discussions

The conference was a success not only because of the speeches and the official part. The main advantage of the event was availability. There were coffee breaks now and then when everybody could approach experts and talk with them personally. They were eager to speak about important issues in a friendly manner. I didn’t meet any person who was unwilling to talk to me.

Besides the whole talking and listening part, there were many other attractions. For instance, there were Formula One simulators, where every participant could experience what an F1 driver feel on the race track. Also, since the conference was on Fat Thursday (the last Thursday of carnival, when everybody can or even should eat sweet snacks), there were many delicious sweets.

After the presentation part, there was lunch. In the evening, there was an afterparty in Aurelio’s Restaurant. There were many attractions, including roulette, poker tables, a birthday cake in the shape of an F1 car, confetti, and many more.

The FuturoCoin Conference was an interesting event. Organizers prepared a day full of thought-provoking speeches with experts from across the entire world. Of course, there were some slip-ups, but they won on availability. There weren’t any restricted areas, and every participant had a chance to talk with every speaker. It was a fun and intense day in Warsaw for crypto enthusiasts.

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