Expect EOS Above $10-Top five professional Analyst

Expect EOS Above $10-Top five professional Analyst

These top 5 professional charting analysts have predicted that EOS will continue to witness bullish run to above $10 after a temporary pullback. EOS stands as the 4th largest traded coins among the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the industry.


  1. 1
    EOS- 1st Prediction


    Another bullish flag pattern, this time on EOS. 

    This pattern has high probability of reaching the profit target should a break above Point (B) occur. 

    Use STOP-LIMIT order to catch the move and place stops below Point (C) when in a position. 

    If price fails to break Point (B) and drops below Point (C), trade setup is invalidated. 

    This is my FAVORITE pattern to trade in a BULL trend. 

    Take note the supply zone shaded in blue. There will be selling pressure in this area so trail/manage stops to lock in profits. 

    Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. It is not financial advice.

    7 hours ago

    Trade active: Triggered the entry price. Interestingly, Bitcoin is trying to pump which would help this trade.

    7 hours ago

    Trade closed: target reached: BAM!

  2. 2
    EOS- 2nd Prediction


    Scenario #1
    If EOS holds higher swing low (and BTC 1.12% too), then BUY retracement.
    -Risky- buy big volume and reversal candle
    -Safer- buy breakout of S/R formed at Lower swing low (right shoulder)
    -Safest- add quantity breaking pattern at $10

    Potential Head and Shoulders bottom- LAGGARD fractal from BTC 1.12% .


    Scenario #2
    If EOS breaks $10, then BUY BREAKout.- Contingent on BTC 1.12% moving further NORTH.
    -Daily indicators have plenty of room to move north

    ——— my tracking——-
    CON- boat half loaded
    averaged $7.76

    PRO- safer entry


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