Galaxy Digital Announces 10% Public Float Buyback Program

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. has acquired Pläne for the repurchase of approximately 10.6 million common shares, representing 10% of the company’s public circulation. This was announced by the company for

Former Crypto Boss of Facebook Launches Bitcoin Startup

Lightspark, a new Bitcoin-focused startup launched by Meta (Facebook)’s former crypto chief David Marcus, is currently hiring employees to build on Bitcoin. David Marcus, who headed the cryptocurrency department of

Chelsea Football Club Partners with Crypto platform WhaleFin

Chelsea Football Club has entered into a partnership worth $ 20 million per year with WhaleFin, a crypto platform supported by the Amber Group. After the partnership, WhaleFin will become

LimeWire signs partnership with Universal Music

LimeWire, the new NFT marketplace that grew out of the discontinued popular music app of the early 2000s, has made a big deal with Universal Music Group (UMG). The partnership

Sneakmart and StockX Collaborate on Sneaker NFTs

Sneakmart, a French startup that aims to improve users’ Metaverse experience by tokenizing real-world sneakers, has announced an important collaboration with StockX, a leading marketplace for shoe resale. The partnership

Ripple Funds Carbon Market Technology with $100 million

Ripple has announced that it has committed $100 million in funding for blockchain innovations designed to scale CO2 removal. The funding, which will go to companies in the carbon markets,