Calvin Ayre Denies his ‘Bitcoin will plummet to zero in 2019’ Prediction

Calvin Ayre Denies his ‘Bitcoin will plummet to zero in 2019’ Prediction

Former Bitcoin cash advocate and face of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ayre, has denied reports that claim he predicted bitcoin will plummet to zero in 2019.

“Bitcoin SV is going to have an amazing year ahead” reported Calvin Ayre’s BTC prediction for 2019. In an interview, Calvin declared ‘Bitcoin is worthless’. The statement notes that;

I’m afraid I am predicting it to go to zero value as it has no utility, it does not do anything and they intentionally are anti-scaling. “Bitcoin– the technology and economic model, are alive and well with Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) and is going to have an amazing year.”

However, Mr. Ayre, the main lead for BTC Satoshi Vision (the fork of Bitcoin Cash) aggressively voiced on the social network, denying the suspected claim by the media. He clarifies that the ‘media keeps getting his statement wrong’. He further elaborates that;

Calvin Edward Ayre who is also the co-founder of Bitcoin cash mining pool, CoinGeek and often known for forcing the latest hard fork is very confident on Bitcoin SV. He told the hodlers need not worry if BTC price continued to plunge because Bitcoin SV is ‘going to have an amazing year’ he noted.

New Highs or New Lows?

Bitcoin is still trading below $4000, XRP and Ethereum are also descending with negative price growth of 0.78% and 0.57% in 24hrs respectively. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash is slightly green with an increase of 1.74 percent in price over last 24 hrs ,  trading with the value of $162.53 as per coinmarketcap. In addition, Bitcoin SV is also upward with 7.60 percent price increase during 24hrs, having a total market cap of $1,638,774,874.


While Ayre continued criticizing Bitcoin Segwit, Andreas Antonopoulos, an author of Mastering Bitcoin, on the other hand, seems very optimistic about Segwit for Lightning Network. In a video, Antonopoulos discussed that Segwit can help fix the bug (malleability) in the Bitcoin code. He said that;

“It could be a different transaction malleability fix. It is very difficult to implement Lightning securely on a chain that has a transaction malleability problem. SegWit fixed it on Bitcoin and Litecoin. On another chain, you might have a different fix. That would make Lightning possible.”

What do you think of Bitcoin’s approach in 2019? Do you believe it will surge or will it continue to experience the downtrend?

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