Blockchain Visionnaire Summit – Save the date!

Blockchain Visionnaire Summit – Save the date!

Blockchain Vissionaire Summit

Not just Asia or America – Europe also has an offer of important blockchain events. Every year, there are more and more summits on the old continent that attract all of the great names in blockchain industry. This month, such event will be held in Berlin, on the 23rd of July. We would like to invite our readers to the Blockchain Visionnaire Summit.

BVS is focused on providing real case studies and actionable tips. The event brings together the specialist in three key sectors – technology, funding, and marketing – who will share their personal experiences managing reputable token companies.

Event’s agenda consists of the following topics:

  • how to build the decentralized future,
  • what are the challenges blockchain developers and entrepreneurs are facing,
  • which platforms should user consider when building its product
  • how to finance blockchain venture
  • how to grow a die-hard community

Meet the speakers

The speakers come from various backgrounds from developers, solution architects, media and business executives, investors, and entrepreneurs committed to create a better future. They will share their knowledge through an interactive panel discussion and case studies with a focus on educating us on the best methodology to build and start companies with blockchain technologies.

Among the panelist are: Florian Glatz (Founder at Blockchain Association), Artiona Bogo (Blockchain Business Development at SAP), Marcin Rudolf (CTO and Co-Founder of Neufund), Richard D. Titus (Managing Partner at ARK Advisors), Keith Baumwald (CMO at Celcius Network), Benedikt Schuppli (Co-Founder at Lexon), Fabian Westerheide (Founding Partner of Asgard VC), Yuri Lobyntsev (CTO and Co-Founder at Cindicator), Mikko Alasaarela (Founder of Inbot/ Intoken) and many others interesting guests.

The panelists from media, growth hacking, and PR will share the latest tactics used by successful blockchain startups. How do you peak the interest of the press? How to increase the community? There will be also the ongoing debate of Google, Facebook, and Twitter paid advertising censorship and what the future holds.

Grasp the opportunity

Our readers have an opportunity to join the conference with a special discount. Don’t miss the chance, grab the special code, and save 20% on your ticket!

Remember to use our code(BLOCKCHAIN24BVS) whilst buying your ticket to the Blockchain Visionnaire Summit! Let’s meet in Berlin and take part in the unforgettable experience that unites the best minds of the blockchain community!


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