Blockchain Gaming Technology

Blockchain Gaming Technology

Blockchain Gaming Technology -

Nowadays the blockchain technology is used by many different industries. The advantages of the blockchain can also be used by the video game industry. It might not only change the transaction process but it also makes it possible to build a whole blockchain-based game.

Blockchain and gaming

In 2018 the global gaming industry was worth almost $140 billion. Experts estimate that this huge and prospective market will be worth about $300 billion in 2025. As we can see, great potential is a common feature for the blockchain technology as well as the whole gaming industry. Dynamic development of games will require newer technologies, like blockchain, to be adopted.

It can be said that it was gamers who first met virtual currency. In-games micropayments or rewarding systems there are things that players have already got used to. However, traditional methods of payment in games have many disadvantages. Mostly they must be integrated with external financial entities. All transactions, both the real ones and the in-game exchanges of things between players (like some items), must be done through an algorithm controlled by the developer. Hopefully, there is another way to make the process simpler.

Non-fungible tokens

Some may say that where the blockchain is, there must be some cryptocurrency. In the case of blockchain-based video games, it is different. There are several kinds of implementation of blockchain technology for gaming, but the most popular ones use smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Smart contracts are responsible for the process of creating transactions. Simply put, they allow connecting two sides of transactions, which in this case are players. Non-fungible tokens are digital currency, but in contrast to typical cryptocurrencies, they are not changeable. The most important advantage of NFTs is that they are used to representing some in-game assets, but they are in control only of players themselves, instead of the game developer. And thanks to that, they support the automation of transactions.

The case of CryptoKitties

Blockchain games are not a matter of the future, because they have already been invented. The great example might be CryptoKitties, which was released in 2017. The game is quite simple – it allows the gamer to collect, breed and sell virtual, funny cats. A feature that distinguishes this project from hundreds of other games is the blockchain.

The game is based on the Ethereum smart contracts. Every cat is just one non-fungible token (ERC-721 token standard), and the limit of cats is set to 4 billion. Every visual detail and genetic characteristic of CryptoKittie is stored in the blockchain, which guarantees that the future cat generations in some way have already been designed. Thanks to blockchain, the cats are easy to transfer, sell or buy.

Monetizing and freedom

There are many ways how blockchain can help the games industry. A completely decentralised system might facilitate the exchange of virtual in-game items. It is also a potential solution to the problem of theft. Items stored and saved in blocks would be less likely to be taken.

Another thing is monetizing. There are already some platforms such as Wax or OpenSea, which offer an alternative to buying and selling things. Decentralized exchange systems allow YouTube to pay in the native tokens like Ether (OpenSea) or Wax.

Monetizing games is one of the crucial problems for many developers, especially small ones. The existence and further development of the creators of applications and mobile games are possible only thanks to an efficient micropayment system. The problem is that those systems are much more expensive nowadays. The biggest costs are the result of margins of external financial entities, which are responsible for the transaction process. With blockchain monetizing games it is simpler and can be done without any intermediaries.

Games with no central server

What we love most about blockchain is its wide range of uses. Who said it is not possible to create a game based on blockchain completely? Actually, no one, as the team XAYA, responsible for Taurion, would respond.

Taurion is a new crypto MMO game, which is based on blockchain entirely. The game is a sandbox and offers massive autonomous worlds with no central servers at all. Players can craft items, trade, build, hiring, exploring the world or compete with each other. The total resources, map design and even the future of the game are up to the players themselves.

What is more interesting, is the mining process, which is very original, too. The better the player becomes over time, the more difficult is the mining process. But it is crucial for players because it is needed for the further development of the characters they play. This feature in some way forces the need to interact with other players; to trade, to fight or to make an alliance.

There is no central authority in Taurion, so the players are the ones who are in charge of almost everything. Some may say that this idea would be very risky – among players there are the cheaters. But the game is free from all kinds of cheating, thanks to open source blockchain technology.


The computer games market is growing faster than the film industry. The development of new technologies in the video game industry is very fast. For this reason, the implementation of blockchain technology is becoming a necessity. Blockchain can help monetize games, create platforms for selling in-game items, and even create the whole playable game environment.

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