Binance and cryptoworld for the rescue of flood victims in Japan

Binance and cryptoworld for the rescue of flood victims in Japan

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Unfortunately, since Thursday in west Japan, there are storms and thunders which caused flood and landslides. For that moment over 100 people have died because of the disaster and over 50 is still missing. Due to local media reports, because of the flood and hard living conditions – millions of people were forced to abandon their houses.

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms – Binance, which is in the first position on, has decided not to be idle in that situation. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has posted a tweet on his account in which he is informing about charity campaign of Binance.

Zhao is going to support the Japanese by donating $1,000,000 in BTC, BNB and JPY. He also actively encouraged other companies and private traders to join in making donations. As a boost, he also informed that new cryptocurrencies which are trying to be listed on Binance might count on bonus points after making a donation. He also said:

“Exact logistics will be figured out shortly.  Reply to this thread or let me know if you (ur project) want to donate. Bonus points for future listing requests. And we may count your donations towards the listing fees.  Listed projects, you know what to do!”

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