The best undervalued coins in 2022

The crypto industry has diversified a lot in recent years. The game to win and NFTs are perhaps two areas that are generating the enthusiasm that the industry needs so

Anchor Protocol (ANC) destroyed by the Terra crash

Prior to the de-anchoring of the UST and the eventual collapse of Terra (LUNA), the Anchor protocol (ANC) was one of the largest DeFi platforms in crypto. But the project

Will Terra (LUNA) ever come back to $120?

The crypto news cycle over the past two weeks has been largely dominated by Terra (LUNA). The coin has gone from being one of the ten most valuable crypto assets

MATIC is up almost 7% today

The cryptocurrency market has performed well over the past 24 hours as it slowly recovers from its recent collapse. The broader crypto market has added more than 2.5% to its

The manufacturer’s price (MKR) may soon fall

The Maker price has been in consolidation mode in recent days as investors assess the strength of the DeFi industry and its stablecoin Dai. MKR is trading at $1,544, which

Tron price prediction: USDD concerns

The price of Tron has been a bit volatile in recent days due to concerns about its new stablecoin USDD which looks a lot like Terra USD. The coin is

Bitcoin could fall further for analysts

Chain analysis fascinates me. Exclusive to the blockchain, it does not exist outside of crypto. But by jumping on the chain, we can often get intriguing information about market sentiment,