A Few Words For Saturday: McAfee

A Few Words For Saturday: McAfee

A Few Words For Saturday Detention - blockchain24.co

Recent days have been full of uncertainty. But only one request comes to mind: don’t take McAfee away! Let this train go! Up to the Crazy Town and beyond!

If you, by any chance, follow my column on bc24, you may already know that I’m one of the biggest fans of John McAfee. I really am. In the beginning, I doubted in him, but today I’m a strong believer that the cryptocurrency industry needs McAfee. And today, I will convince you that you need him, too.

Shady? More like a palette of colors

If you are reading this piece and wonder who is John McAfee, you must have been living under a rock. The myth, the man, the legend. He is known not only in the crypto world. No, his fame is spread across the whole world. If you don’t know the person, at least the name has to ring a bell. That guy is responsible for McAfee antivirus.

However, he made headlines when he was connected to the homicide of his neighbor. But that wasn’t the beginning. He was earlier deported several times. He was wanted by American authorities for not paying taxes (till this day, he states that he will never pay taxes again). In the meantime, he spent a night with a prostitute, which later became his wife. Also, he claims that he has 47 children.

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Was he involved in promoting scam coins? For sure. Was he accused of many felonies in several countries? Yep. Did he fake heart attacks to give his lawyer more time? You betcha. Did he write several books about yoga? Of course, he did. Are there many more crazy stories involving McAfee? You can bet your life on it. Oh, and he is running for president because of course he is. Duh.

The detention

At the beginning of this week, the news broke that McAfee had been captured and was in some kind of detention.


The story seemed so vague that we didn’t know what to make of it. As it turned out, he was released a few days later. But John, obviously, had to go full McAfee. He couldn’t miss the opportunity and take pictures with officers, who captured him.


We still don’t know any details of that story, but it seems like another weird adventure, like many others in the McAfee’s resume.

Love of the game

Now, the arguments, why you should adore John McAfee. First of all, he has balls. When you have only those polite, cute and nice people, who always have a PR talk prepared in the pocket, it is good to meet someone who speaks whatever comes to his mind.

This is not only my opinion. According to Cinidcator’s list, McAfee is among the 10 most trusted people in crypto. The guy involved in so many scandals is 7th most trusted person in the industry. Isn’t that great?


And now, the final argument. John McAfee is much needed in the crypto world because…HE GIVES SO MUCH FUN! Don’t you miss entertainment? I’m just a guy who lives from writing. And you know what is great? Whenever I don’t have any interesting topic to write about, I enter McAfee’s Twitter feed. There is always something there to talk about.

So, for the love of God: don’t take John McAfee from us. He is very much needed. The industry would be so much more boring, and it would make my job much harder. Can’t you see? We all just need this old, crazy men to be around. If for nothing else, just for entertainment reasons.

P.S. Those, who captured John, took his dogs. So he will probably turn into full John Wick mode. It is gonna be fun!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, BlockChain24.co.

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