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5 Cryptocurrencies that Changed the Game in 2020

5 Cryptocurrencies that Changed the Game in 2020

The possibilities are endless when discussing blockchain’s potential to upend the markets. As the use and use cases for blockchain assets continue to expand, more powerful, flexible, and secure platforms emerge. There is no doubt today that blockchain technology is maturing at an accelerated rate. 

Every day new and exciting platforms resolve problems that have plagued markets for centuries. As such, it’s no surprise to learn that 2020 was a revolutionary year for the market. This year saw new trends emerge and old ones start to fade away. As a whole, the focus of developers migrated from the creation of cryptocurrencies over to multi-use digital assets.

Today, platforms exist that are able to function across the entire blockchain spectrum. It’s these advanced protocols that are set to inherit the market moving forward. Here are 5 cryptocurrencies that changed the game in 2020. These projects showed the world that the blockchain sector is just starting to figure out how to leverage this revolutionary tech.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

GSX is only available at GSXCDE.com. This next-generation stable coin is in pre-sale currently. Early bird investors receive discounts of up to 50% on their purchases. 

GSX is a gold-pegged stable coin that leverages the technological advancements of the Apollo blockchain to create a truly unique platform. For example, GSX is the only Quantum resistant stablecoin in the world at this moment. This strategy ensures that GSX users can enjoy their tokens well into the future.

Additionally, the ownership structure of the company is unique. GSX token holders own the entire mining operations of this token. GSX users own a share of the physical gold, mining equipment, and the land where the mines are located. Most gold-pinned stablecoins only include the gold. In this way, GSX is ahead of the competition.

GSX utilizes the Apollo blockchain to provide users with more security, a better UX, and more flexibility. You can use GSX as a cryptocurrency, an investment, or a stable coin. The token is able to fulfill all of these requirements simultaneously. 

Apollo (APL) 

At the top of this list has to be one of the most revolutionary protocols in the market. The Apollo blockchain provides users with access to a complete blockchain ecosystem. This exceptional coin is available at plenty exchanges such as HitBTC, Digifinex, BitMart, etc. Users can trade for Apollo utilizing BTC, ETH or USDT trading pairs.

Apollo is packed with features that users can enjoy. The platform enables companies to conduct ICOs with ease. Amazingly, anyone can create a token using Apollo. Best of all, you can then launch your project directly on the Apollo ecosystem. Developers removed all the technical aspects from token creation. This strategy positions Apollo to be a major contender in the market moving forward.

Users can also enjoy cross-chain Atomic Swaps. Cross-chain transactions are one of the most interesting developments in the cryptocurrency sector. Apollo provides this functionality as a core protocol. Users can also utilize the network for digital identity verification purposes. Not surprisingly, Apollo has endless commercial and government use cases. 

Apollo was built with UX in mind. The interface is easy-to-navigate. Developers can conduct all of their construction within the system without the need to exit the network. It’s for these reasons that Apollo continues to see massive growth in the area of Dapp development.  On top of all of these amazing features, the platform is the only Quantum proof blockchain in existence. 


EOS is available on most major exchanges including Binance. EOS is one of the most popular Dapp launch protocols in the world. Currently, the platform has hundreds of Dapps under development. This number is set to expand in the coming months.

EOS is a next-general blockchain that integrates a variety of new functionalities to simplify Dapp development. For example, EOS offers free transactions. The platform also incorporates a protocol for easy hard and soft fork updates. Few other blockchains can match these impressive characteristics.

Additionally, EOS is one of the most ICO-friendly platforms in the market. The system makes it simple to launch your crowdfunding campaign. Also, this network features a unique governance protocol that allows the community to remain cohesive. 

Chainlink (LINK)

LINK is available on Binance. This token is one of the hottest altcoins of 2020 due to a combination of reasons that range from strong community support to the fact they dominate their niche market. LINK is the utility token for the ChainLink network.

ChainLink seeks to create a blockchain of oracles. Oracles are sensors that reside off the blockchain but have the capability to communicate and trigger smart contracts. Oracles are another technology that has developers excited in 2020.

ChainLink wants to remove the risks associated with oracles. Mainly, corrupted or incorrect data entry concerns. To accomplish this task, ChainLink set off to create a blockchain of oracles that could verify data autonomously. The system can remove faulty oracles automatically.

Cosmos (ATOM)

ATOM is available on Binance. Currently, there are both BTC and ETH trading pairs available. ATOM is another project that traders continue to flock to for various reasons. ATOM is the utility token for the COSMOS network.

COSMOS seeks to organize the entire blockchain sector. Today there are more blockchains than ever. All of these networks serve a unique purpose in the market. Cosmos seeks to catalog these networks and provide users an easy way to access them in an organized manner.

Additionally, COSMOS will allow users to enjoy the best features from each blockchain. Imagine enjoying the programmability of EOS with the security of Bitcoin’s blockchain. All of these options and more are possible through COSMOS.

5 Cryptocurrencies that Changed the Game in 2020

If you want to change the crypto-game in 2020, you have to come correct. These platforms all service unique aspects of the market in a way that makes them integral to the future development of the sector. Consequently, you can expect all of these projects to create waves in their respective industries as the year winds down.

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